How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Scholarship

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Scholarship

Having an idea of how to write a recommendation letter for scholarship is imperative if you want to write an effective letter. This is a letter written by the faculty with the purpose of helping a student get the necessary financial support or the kind of scholarship that a student needs. For this reason, it is essential to be familiar with the abilities and skills of a student before writing the letter.

Tips on how to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship

Gather information

Once you agree to write a recommendation letter for scholarship, it is important to do an excellent job. This is because you accept the responsibility of helping a student to get noticed before the scholarship board. You need to draft a strong recommendation by collection all important information regarding the student. To get the right information, take time to ask

  • The kind or type of scholarship that a student is applying for
  • What skills do you think are essential and will set the applicant apart from the others?
  • When is the letter needed and to whom it should be addressed to
  • Find out whether there are other specific skills that need to be emphasized or mentioned in the recommendation letter.

Provide the applicant’s details in an impressive manner

It is essential to study all the details and information provided by a student carefully to draft a successful letter. Familiarize yourself with the applicant and write the letter in a way that convinces the scholarship panel that you truly know who the applicant is.

Besides listing academic scores and credentials, try as much as possible to provide a highly detailed account of the applicant’s passion for the chosen topic, character, intellect, future goals, class contributions, relation with other students and professors and social skills.

The final paragraph

It is essential to write a recommendation with offers the needed information regarding to the applicant. When drafting the final paragraph of the letter, provide your general assessment of the student’s potential to fulfill the scholarship’s program qualifications. Address the applicant’s weaknesses and strengths but this should be done in a very tactful way bearing in mind that writing a recommendation is no doubt a huge responsibility.

How to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship- the writing process

With tips on how to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship, you should understand the writing process. Here are guidelines to help you in your writing

Address the chair of the scholarship committee

A recommendation letter for a scholarship should be addressed to the scholarship committee especially if the name is provided. Additionally, be sure to include the date and sign the letter.

Write a good introduction

The introduction of the letter should include compelling, memorable and unique details about the student. Avoid vague superlatives but write a letter that truly brings out the applicant to life. For this reason, include notable qualities of the student and with anecdotes that reveal your familiarity with the student. This should however be done in five sentences or so.


A recommendation letter should contextualize your familiarity with the applicant including how long you have known him or her from where, under what capacity, relationship in and outside class and civic or extracurricular activities. In this regard, know how to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship that clearly establishes your personal knowledge of the applicant.

Include specific details only in the letter

A good recommendation letter for a scholarship is straight to the point and with no buzzy words. A good letter should help the board to define the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant and to discover his or her personality. For this reason, focus on colorful and detailed evidence to support your claims for distinction and brilliance purposes. You can get the information from

  • An excerpt from exams and papers
  • Research information, how they were collected and processed
  • Dialogue with the applicant
  • Classroom discussion dynamics and contributions
  • Past and present observations of the applicant
  • The effect of the applicant on you and on peers
  • Scholarship websites that matches the desired criteria of the applicant

Applicant’s accomplishments

An applicant’s accomplishments are very important in a scholarship recommendation letter. State the student’s accomplishments including topics or the nature of papers that the student sat for. Give reasons as to why the success or the paper was commendable and not just publishable. Include outstanding features and reveal its relationship with the scholarship being applied for.

Provide reasons as to why the applicant is suitable for the scholarship program

With ideas on how to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship, do not forget to state why you feel the student is the best candidate for the program. Help the panel to understand how the applicant will incorporate personal qualities or the selection criteria that is being sought by the scholarship committee. Provide specific examples and especially solid evidence on what qualifies the student for the scholarship.

Spotlight the applicant because scholarship committee relies on his or her achievements and credentials.

Base the letter on your experience with the candidate and express reservations advisedly

How to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship format

To write a recommendation letter for a scholarship with ease, it is highly recommended that you follow the right format. It helps you to write flawlessly and organize your thoughts professionally. Here is a good format to follow in your writing.


Use the right salutation while beginning the letter. Use a simple Dear Miss/Mr.….if you are writing to an individual. If this is not the case, address the scholarship committee by simply saying ‘to whomsoever it may concern’’.


The introduction is the first and very important part of a recommendation letter for a scholarship. It creates a connection with the candidate and it should cover

  • Details of your relation with the candidate
  • how you know him or her
  • for how long
  • how are you acquainted with the applicant and
  • Why is he or she suitable for the program?

It is an important paragraph that helps the reader to decide whether to go on reading the letter or not. Therefore, make it catchy and relevant.


In the second or third paragraph, talk about the applicant and why you think he or she is the most ideal candidate for the program. Focus on the candidate’s positive features and how beneficial will the program be to him or her and the institution as well. Include co-curricular activities that the applicant excels in as it adds weight to the resume.


Briefly summarize the points mentioned above and emphasize on why you think the applicant is suitable for a scholarship program. Graciously end the letter by writing

Sincerely Yours ……

Examples of Recommendation letters for scholarship

 Example 1…


The Scholarship Selection Board

University of Illinois


June, 20th 2015


I am writing in recommendation of Miss Sally N. Smith for the National Scholars Scholarship program that is being offered at the moment. For the past four years, I have worked with Ms. Smith while she was my student. It has been an incredible experience having Ms. Smith in my classes because she is a hardworking, intelligent and active girl. She managed to work with other students to encourage and help them perform well in their studies.

Ms. Smith is an academic scholar and this is an amazing aspect but even so, she did not sacrifice her extracurricular activities to rise to the top position. She was a tennis captain, class president and head cheerleader. With her exceptional skills, she brought about changes that were highly beneficial to the student body-

Example 2

Dear Mr. Jonathan Hans

I wish to recommend Joseph Brown, for the undergraduate scholarship program offered by your company. I have known him for the past four years, during which, he was my electronics student.

Joseph is very intelligent, hardworking and an inspiration and motivation to other students. He has always overcome his financial hardships and excelled in all fields. He is also extremely good in academics and participates actively in different co-curricular activities. He is also a sportsman that has won many awards for our college and has been able to take care of his financial needs by giving tuition to his juniors and in part time jobs- Read the full recommendation letter by clicking on this link.

Example 3…

Dear Miss Rachel Green

It is with pleasure that I kindly recommend Sally Kean for a university scholarship program. She was my student for four years and during that time, I found her an excellent student academically. She possesses great leadership qualities and always takes up the initiative to help other students have a better understanding of the subject. She is also supportive, modest by nature and popular among her peers. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I recommend her as one of the best candidates for the program and if you need any other additional information, please let me know. Read the full recommendation letter here.

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