How to Write a Persuasive Essay Fast

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Fast

There are many books that offer guidelines on how to write a persuasive essay fast. However, for excellent writing, you need to understand what a persuasive essay is, have a passion and drive for writing it and have the right guidelines at hand. A persuasive essay is an essay that persuades target audience of a particular viewpoint. It can be closely compared to a sales pitch that sells a point of view.

Therefore, the trick in persuasive essay writing is to convince the reader or target audience beyond doubt, the reason as to why you have adopted a specific point of view.

How to write a persuasive essay fast in a five step writing process

The best approach to utilize when writing a persuasive essay is using the five step writing process.

The pre-writing phase of a persuasive essay

The most important part that you must focus on is the pre-writing phase. It is an extremely significant phase that enables you to work on every part of a persuasive essay. Therefore, the best way to go about how to write a persuasive essay fast is to

Take a stance by thinking about the issue at hand and settle for a side that you wish to advocate for

Define your target audience– to write an effective essay fast, take time to understand the reader and his or her point of view. Is the target audience inclined to favor one side or the other or undecided?

Thorough research-a good and effective persuasive essay is mainly based on convincing and solid evidence. Avoid relying on source of information and instead, try to get many sources. Take notes and keep in mind that knowledge has no substitute for both sides of the issue.

Choose the most convincing evidence and major points for the opposing view

With the above details, you have to organize the evidence and build the strongest evidence. This can be done by working on a persuasive essay structure and outline.

Writing a persuasive essay outline

The structure or outline of a persuasive essay includes the introduction, the body and concluding paragraphs.

The introduction– the starter should always attract the attention of a reader. For this reason, use a hook, offer an overview of the argument and end with a thesis statement that reveals the point to be argued.

The body paragraphs- this is the body of the essay and each paragraph should talk about one piece of evidence. Provide factual and sufficient evidence and in detail.

The opposing view paragraph writing below the body paragraphs, it is important to write the opposing view paragraph. This describes and refutes the main points of the opposing stance.

Concluding paragraph– this is the last part of the essay and you should end it by restating and reinforcing the thesis as well as the supporting evidence.

What to consider when you want to write a persuasive essay fast

With the structure of a persuasive essay in mind, mastering how to write a persuasive essay fast becomes easy. You only have to

  • Write a strong introductory paragraph with a hook. In this case, start with an unusual statistic, question, and quote or question to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Write a solid thesis statement that doesn’t leave any doubt on the stance you take
  • Use real life examples, expert quotes, statistics and facts to write relevant and flowing body paragraphs.
  • Consider some of the best ways of making an argument including drawing comparisons, use of analogy and hypothetical situation to make illustrations.
  • Additionally, learn to define terms and provide sufficient background details to a reader. Avoid assuming that a reader has in-depth information on the issue being argued.
  • Summarize with a concluding paragraph that has the most significant evidence and encourage the reader to take action. This should provoke the reader to focus more on the issue hence the need to make a dramatic pleas or a recommendation that suggests specific ideas on what the reader should do.

Writing a persuasive essay fast and revising it

An effective persuasive essay should be free of errors. In this relevance, it is wise that you proofread, review, reorganize and modify your work with the purpose of ensuring that it stands out. As you revise the essay, ensure that

  • It takes a firm position on the issue at hand
  • Offers supporting facts in form of examples, quotes and statistics
  • Each paragraph has compelling facts based on a single point of view
  • The stance taken is clearly presented and refuted convincingly
  • Ensure the conclusion clears conveys the value of the stance that the writer takes and calls for action

Once you have written the essay, ask yourself whether it misses the mark or not. It is always recommendable to revisit the thesis statement to check whether it presents the strongest argument. In this case, it is essential to test it by writing an opposing viewpoint thesis statement. Determine whether the original thesis needs improvement. Most importantly, ensure the essay presents a solid argument and the stance taken clearly.

Editing a persuasive essay

Editing is an important part of persuasive essay writing. It involves proofreading and correcting grammar, typo and spelling errors. It is the part where you need to enhance the style and clarity of the essay. Therefore, take time to go through the essay and have another person check out the paper for you. This enables you to have a fresh perspective of the paper based on the guidelines of how to write a persuasive essay fast.

How to write a persuasive essay fast for publishing

The last part that you should work on, on how to write a persuasive essay fast is publishing or sharing it. Share your essay with other students, essay writing expert or your parents to get their feedback on your writing. It is an important step that enables you to make your essay even better. Take the feedback positively since the sharing process can be intimidating and exciting. Either way, it will help you to become an effective essay writer.

To make the whole learning and writing process easy and exciting, always choose a topic that you are really passionate about. This is a persuasive and essay writing guideline that makes the writing process interesting. This is because you can easily take a persuasive stance and explain the reasons behind your decision.

It is good to focus on the positives and your strengths especially when writing a persuasive essay for scholarship purposes. In this case, bring out all the positive qualities you possess as long as they are in line with the scholarship on offer.

Be focused and stick to the topic to master how to write a persuasive essay fast. Be precise and follow all the guidelines to ensure the idea you are putting across comes out as expected. This is why it is always recommendable to work on a rough draft before the actual writing process since you can always correct where necessary.


Examples of Persuasive essays

Example 1, Essay Topic: Legalization of Marijuana

For many years now, marijuana legalization has been a hot debate topic in the United States of America. The illegality of marijuana has seen many people use the drug secretly for fear of being arrested and charged at the court of law. The belief of marijuana opponents is that the substance should be blamed for increase in crime rates, violence and other evils in the country-


Example 2…
Essay topic: Advertising

It is with no doubt that advertising makes up a part of our lives as it is evident in posters, radio, television and the internet. Advertisement is undoubtedly a powerful persuasive marketing form in different business process as it helps to promote the quantity and quality of company products. Promotion or advertisement also entices buyers to purchase even the stuff that they do not necessarily need at a given time-

Example 3
Essay Topic: Market Positioning Strategy

Marketing positioning means the way in which a business expects clients to perceive its services in regards to the impression they have of products offered by relevant competitors. Whether a business is passive, reactive or proactive of the process of maintaining and developing a market position, the process of marketing position will always take place. The perception of clients of products and services that a business offers can be changed through adoption and development of market positioning strategies-

The guidelines above offer effective strategies on how to write a persuasive essay fast. It helps you to draft a good paper with confidence and answer the essay question as expected of you. To give your essay an edge, you can always consider professional essay writing services with the help of our experts.

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