How to Write a Personal Vision Statement

How to Write a Personal Vision Statement

A personal vision statement can be defined as a written declaration that guides your life. It offers direction, which helps you to navigate your future based on the career choices you make. Since everyone needs this declaration, having a grip of how to write a personal statement is paramount.

In giving direction to your life, a vision statement summarizes all you would like to be, do, and encompasses your career.

In addition, a personal vision statement gives a definition of success and excellence from your perspective. It gives a mirror image of where you see yourself by reflecting your goals, values, and purpose and the best way you want to operate to become this person.

Tips on how to write a personal vision statement

A personal vision statement could be a paragraph or just a single sentence. Here is Sir Richard Branson’s vision statement:

“My vision statement is to have fun in my journey through life and learn from my mistakes.”

In his personal vision statement, the founder of The Virgin Group captures what he wants to achieve in future. It tells you that Sir. Richard Branson wants to enjoy life and draw lessons from his mistakes in life.

You can access personal statements of other famous CEOs in the world by visiting the following link:

With the above example, take a look at the tips on how to write a personal vision statement:

  • Know the things you enjoy doing. If possible, list down ten of them, in their order of priority.
  • Note down three things you do daily at work to gain satisfaction. You cannot go without these things.
  • Capture your most important values. What do you stand for?
  • Have an important goal for all the dimensions of your life like family, spiritual, career, physical etc. Remember that life is multi-faceted.
  • Ask yourself what else you would enjoy doing if you stopped working. Do you only derive pleasure and satisfaction in work alone?
  • Identify your weakness, i.e. something you are likely to regret not achieving when your life comes to an end
  • Remember to have your strengths right, without confusing them with your accomplishments. These are your areas of strength, which define who you are.

Steps on How to Write a Personal Vision Statement

As long as you understand yourself and know what you want to achieve in life, you do not have to worry about how to write a personal vision statement. Simply find a quiet place with no distraction that allows you to feel at ease. Then follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Give honest answers to the following Questions

  • What are the personal qualities you want to underline in yourself?
  • Is it possible to display these qualities in a working environment?
  • What values do you want to express at work?

Sample personal visions statement

“My vision is to see everyone exploit their potential; where every person uses inherent, intelligence and leadership to produce valuable project.”

From this personal statement, the author captures personal qualities as a project manager and leader, ready to change the world.

This link has more examples of personal vision statements:

Step 2: See yourself 5 years to come

When figuring out how to write a personal vision statement, you should be able to visualize yourself five years from now and see the kind of person you will be.

Imagine that you are in charge of a successful project of your lifetime dreams. Visualize everything going your way in terms of the complexity of the project, personnel involved and your capacity as the project manager. Experience and feel every bit of the success of your work.

Do not stop thinking about your future and seeing yourself prosper but be as specific as possible. Identify where you are now, what you do, the task ahead, the scope and the impact you want to achieve. Ask yourself why you want to be where you are.

Draw yourself with everything around you in five years. Capture what you see, hear and feel. Be as detailed as you can.

Step 3: Summarizing your personal Vision Statement

Summing up your visions statement is an important step towards knowing how to write a personal vision statement. Do not leave your statement hanging; make it as conclusive as possible. Ask yourself what you want to do, achieve, and become in future.

Sample Vision Statement:To become a leading researcher; conducting advanced studies, and playing a role in bettering the lives of women countrywide and globally.”

From the above sample personal vision statement, it clearly states what the person wants to be- a leading researcher. How to achieve this is by conducting cutting-edge studies. The impact is to help improve the lives of women in the world.

Visit this link for more examples of personal vision statements: From:

At this point of summarizing your thoughts, you have everything you need to pen the best personal vision statement. Combine everything, from the envisioning to the dreams and writing and use correct language and imagery to write your declaration.

Have as many drafts as possible to ensure that you have a catchy and refined final copy. Do not forget to capture the values you aspire to live and work by and above everything else, you should be proud of the statement every time you read it aloud.

Always Review your personal vision statement

When working out on your personal vision statement, always remember that it is neither a dead nor a static declaration. It changes as you get into the future and move closer towards achieving your goal.

  • Update your personal vision statement: Refine and review your personal statement at least after every six months. In case you have enough inspiration, expand it and turn it into a personal development plan.
  • Evaluate yourself. Consider reviewing your vision statement only after a review of the progress you have made. This will help you become more focused towards your future aspirations.

Guidelines on how to write a personal vision statement that makes you feel proud

A personal vision statement has a vital role in your life. It is literally a compass pointer of your future. You must therefore be proud of the declaration every time it crosses your mind. Here are pointers on how to write a personal vision statement that will guide your career path into the right direction:

  • Make your personal statement concise and inspirational: Do not beat around the bush since you understand yourself better than any other person on earth does. As a guide toward your future, make it captivating and stimulating, to give the daily oomph you need to become that person in five years.
  • It should be easy to memorize. Make your personal vision statement brief devoid of unnecessary wording. This makes it easy to memorize and say any time without having to refer from any source. Long vision statements are always boring and cumbersome to recite.

Look at this example:

“My vision is to see everyone around me, including my family enjoy the peace of mind to realize their full potential.”

This sample personal statement from, is short and easy to remember. With this, you can always recall it at work or even during your recreational moments in the gym.

  • It should be unambiguous and realistic, and denoting a bright future. Do not use vague words in your personal statement. Be straightforward so that you clearly define the road to lead you into your future. No one wants a meandering path. Also, let it illuminate your career life with brightness. A dull personal vision statement will add no value to your life.
  • It should capture your intentions and values and how you endeavor to live up to these standards. Bring out what your principles. What is it that you cannot compromise at work? How do you keep these standards?

The ultimate purpose of a personal Vision Statement

With the above tips on how to write a personal vision statement, it is important to underscore the purpose of this declaration. Here is what a personal vision statement does:

  • Guides you– It creates your career path, without which you will not hit your goals
  • Inspires you-It is a source of motivation and inner drive to live another day
  • Gives you inner peace-You will always feel happy and satisfied when you see your achievements tallying with your dream.
  • Gives you an identity-your vision statement is unique and will always tell the world the kind of person you are. Do not copy or paraphrase someone’s personal declaration.

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