How to write a Personal Statement for a Teaching job

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Teaching job

Do you know how to write a personal statement for a teaching job? This guide will make easier for you. Generally, a personal statement is included in your curriculum vitae and is supposed to be brief and personal. It is given to potential employers to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

A personal statement sells you to prospective employers and helps showcase your unique skills that make you an ideal candidate for a position. Therefore, it must be well written since it is more of a summary rather than a cover letter. You need to keep the statement pertinent, concise and on point. As a matter of fact, the shorter the statement, the better.

The tips we will share in this article will help you know how to write a personal statement for a teaching job with ease. You should present your experience, beliefs, knowledge and skills in a manner that compels prospective employers to give you an opportunity.

Why you need to know how to write a personal statement for a teaching job

If you want to work as a teacher, knowing how to write a personal statement lies at the center of your application. It gives you the chance to present evidence of the skills you have that match the particular needs of the jobs you are applying. This letter helps you earn an invitation to an interview.

The sample at is an ideal outline of how to write a personal statement for a teaching job.

General guidelines on how to write a personal statement for a teaching job

The following are guidelines you need to observe while writing a personal statement for a teaching position:

  • You are not supposed to write more than 2 sides of an A4, unless you have specific instructions to do so
  • Tailor the statement to match every new application depending on the nature of school or the role advertised.
  • Emphasize on your individual strengths in accordance to the role
  • Consider the possibility of using the Teachers’ Standards provided by the government while structuring the statement or follow the person specification structure.
  • If it is a pool application, ensure you provide an overview of the experience and skills you have
  • It is important for you to provide examples of past work to back your claims

What to include in the personal statement for a teaching job

Why you are interested in the role

  • Mention any circumstances that are special for instance, your religious faith if you think it is relevant
  • Refer to knowledge you have about the school. This should include visits you have made to the school as well as what you have learnt from them

Details regarding your course

  • Provide an outline of your training, include the subjects covered and age range as well as any other special features.
  • For a PGCE student, mention your dissertation, first degree, research projects that are classroom based and your relevant study modules. If you studied Masters Modules, mention them as well.

Teaching experience

  • The subjects you have covered
  • What year groups you have taught
  • Whether you have used any special features and assessment strategies of the practices, for instance, multi-ethnic, open plan and team teaching

Strategies you use for classroom management

  • Provide examples of how you delivered and planned lessons as well as how you evaluated and monitored the outcomes, including the aspect of differentiation
  • Explain techniques you have used in the management of behavior and classrooms
  • Detail the experience you have working with parents and assistants in your class.

Your beliefs and visions regarding secondary/primary education

  • Highlight your visions and beliefs regarding learning and what the future holds. Some of the areas you can discuss include teaching and learning styles as well as strategies.
  • Reflect on the major policies that are relevant to age gap you are interested in teaching

Other experiences related to teaching

  • This might cover information such as any prior work experience you might have
  • Training activities should be part of this section and should include ways in which you developed your subject knowledge.

Include other related interests and skills

  • Provide details regarding any competencies, leisure interests or activities you are interested in. This makes it possible for the prospective employer to know more about the kind of person you are.
  • It is especially of great use to mention any involvement you might have has with children for instance in carrying out youth work, summer camps or the running of clubs.

Other points to consider

Knowing how to write a personal statement for a teaching job demands a clear and set mind. This means you must clearly know what motivates you and influences your decision to venture into teaching. Avoiding adding statements such as “I like children” in your statement. Also, review skills you have that will make you effective in the new post such as:

  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy with children
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment to keep on learning
  • Resilience, enthusiasm and energy

You will find another great sample on how to write a personal statement for a teaching job at

Reviewing these samples ensures you get ideas of what to include and what to exclude in your personal statement.

Outline the experience you have

Including the time you have spent teaching, observing in schools and helping out is another thing that you should include in your statement. In this case, you are not supposed to state you did but rather, what you acquired or learnt from the experience. Prospective employers will be interested in the ability you have to reflect on time. This means while writing the statement you have to showcase you have awareness of:

Teachers’ responsibilities and roles which include:

  • Lesson planning-This should include objectives that are both long and short term
  • Classroom organization-Includes the different work activities and styles of teaching
  • Classroom management-Includes groupings, pastoral care, resources and behavior
  • Diversity and inclusion issues-How special education needs are addressed and how children with English as their additional language are treated.

If you include the above points readers can tell you know how to write a personal statement for a teaching job.

Explain how your previous education is relevant to the post available

If you have a degree, state how it related to the subject you have intentions of teaching in the statement. You should also highlight how you intend to make different kinds of subjects interesting as well as the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the classroom.

If you have acquired any information technology skills, highlight them as well since they will be an added advantage. Also, if you have prior experience working with kids in the age gap you are interested in, make sure you state the same in your statement.

Any transferable skills you might have developed for instance, time management, problem solving and planning should be mentioned as well. Highlight your interests and hobbies as well. If you have skills that can boost your performance as a teacher for instance, music, language, computing, drama or sport, mention them as well. More importantly, you must state what your goals in the field of teaching are.

Section of work experience

In this section on how to write a personal statement for a teaching job, you are supposed to outline both unpaid and paid work experience. Also, mention any relevant knowledge you might have in the field of teaching. Always, start with the most recent job experience going chronologically backwards. The information in this section is laid out as:



Hours per Week:

Job or role title

Role or job description and a summary of your experience:


The end of the statement is just as important as the beginning in knowing how to write a personal statement for a teaching job. Your aim, at all times is to make sure the statement ends on a positive note.

Having a conclusion that has the ability to project your enthusiasm in relation to the position you have applied for improves your chances of going to the next step. Note that you should also avoid using clichés and general statements.

You can also take a look at this personal statement found at

We hope the above guidelines will help you know on how to write a personal statement for a teaching job with ease.


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