How to Write a Personal Profile for University

How to Write a Personal Profile for University

Are you stuck and contemplating of how to write a personal profile for university? Still wondering who will help you write a good personal profile? If these questions are lingering in your mind, worry not. It all starts by understanding what a personal profile is and how to write one and what makes it stand out. When applying for admission to or a position with a university, you not only need a well written curriculum vitae or resume, but also a remarkable personal profile.

A personal profile is a well written piece about an individual and it shows how you are personally unique and impressive. Knowing more about your personal profile makes it easy to figure out whether you will succeed once you get picked by the admission officers. It also illustrates that you will not just excel because of your grades, but also because of the ambitions and experiences that you bring with you. Hence, you have to know how you are going to produce a good personal profile for university.

How to Write Personal Profile for University- important things to note

A personal profile is akin to good cover letter, although it is shorter and focuses more on making your application more successful. You have to concentrate on a certain goal in your statement and avoid summing up all the details you are coming up with. You have to consider your personal profile to rank the highest and so you have to take time and know how to write a personal profile for university.

A personal profile for university is quite imperative in the sense that it meets several significances;

  1. It strengths your CV or resume as it firmly takes its place on the front page of the document, under your personal details such as your name, address, mobile number and email address.
  2. A well written personal profile will create that all important first impression and set the scene for the piece.
  3. A good personal profile will easily capture the imagination of the admission committee or officers. Once the intended audience get the paper, they are free to go on and find out more about your story.

Managing to write a good personal profile presents great chances of being selected in the institution of choice. However, if you find it challenging, it is wise to seek help from knowledgeable friends, family members or tutors as they want the best for you in life. The first thing that you have to do is to tell the intended audience more about yourself.

When set to write your personal profile, keep in mind that it offers an opportunity to tell the university that you wish to join about those things that are important to you, you vital accomplishments, what you have gained from your experiences and the life or academic challenges that you have endured. These details together with your academic accomplishment will be used by the university to determine your worthiness for admission into the university.

Preparing to Write a Rewarding Personal Profile

It is not that easy to get a paper and a pen or your computer and start drafting a successful personal profile for university. It demands a lot for a student to grasp how to write a personal profile for university within a short duration. Here are tips to guide you prepare for the personal profile;

  • Brainstorm some ideas prior to commencing the writing process. This is because each of the questions in the personal profile demand short essay answers about 50 to 200 words. This is also after having selected the best topic to base your paper on. You can think of what makes you unique or impressive about your life story. Other ideas that you can brainstorm on include your career goals, your role models and personal hardship that you have been able to overcome.
  • Do not just provide a list of your achievements with taking time to look at what you have learned from them and what you want to learn at the university.
  • Be specific when writing your responses. Come up with more details to verify and elaborate on your answers.
  • Concentrate on what you want to say in your personal profile and be honest on who you are. Avoid giving responses that you think the university wants to hear. The admission officers are interested in your distinctive voice.

Questions To Help Know How to Write a Personal Profile for University

Understanding how to write a personal profile for university involves early preparations and several questions here and there can help you shape your personal profile answers. These questions will offer a good framework to get started. These questions can help you come up with credible responses to reflect on your achievements and experiences. Here we go;

  • What are qualities that make your think that you will be a successful university student?
  • What kind of undertakings, achievements an insights you have learned in or outside of class? Do you think they are relevant to your university course?
  • What have you gained from academic and life experiences? Have you ever taken any leadership role?
  • What do you shine in at school or in the outside world? What has influenced to want to learn?
  • Why would your tutor describe you in certain way and why do you think makes you his or her favorite student?

More on How to Write a Personal Profile for University

If you are set to get into a good university, you have to know how to write a personal profile for university. Writing your personal profile can be fun if you ready to put yourself there. It is satisfying to have a say in what people think about you. A well written personal profile is an essential toolkit for your university application. Hence, you have to get it right and here is how you go about it;

  1. Write a sentence summarizing who you are and what you are seeking. Understand the role of your personal profile and let it grab the attention of your intended audience who are the university admission committee.
  2. Avoid the use of “I” and go for a more actionable sentence. For instance: “Recent college student with an honors and accomplished instrumentalist seeking an opening at the university of Illinois in the music department.”
  3. Come up with a few sentences that expound more on your specific goals with this university application. You can use “I” in this section of your profile. Here you will focus on showing your strong points instead of telling the admission committee about them. For example; avoid saying “I am a patient and caring music student” try “I have spent a year volunteering with a music therapy company for children with disability.”
  4. There are several catchwords to avoid in your profile. Replace these slogans with terms that are more specific to your academic aim or goal. Avoid terms like energetic, dynamic and stick to simple and specific words such as motivated or detail oriented. It is tempting to use words that you never use, and this will make you less confident in your writing.
  5. Read your paper aloud or give it someone else to read it for you and get rid of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Revise your personal profile as needed to make it interesting and well-written.

There are basic rules to abide to as you know how to write a personal profile for university. For instance, you have to get the basics right, adapt your tone to suit the requirements of the university admission committee and ensure you piece is in the best status. Providing too much personal information and being boring a things to avoid always. If stuck, it is wise to learn from samples of personal profile for university. These sample papers are available in your library and you can also get them online. Here are a few helpful links to samples to help understand how to write good personal profiles;

View Example 1 @

View Example 2 @

Example 3;

Passionate professional, responsible person and computer literate. Proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling many chores, great flexibility to any academic environment. Looking to obtain a challenging position in your institution……..You can download this sample personal profile for university and many other at

Writing for university especially seeking an admission opportunity is not easy. At all times, you have to keep your personal profile relevant, short and to the point. It should as well contain positive and engaging information. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not know where to start, how to express your ideas or edit and proofread your paper, worry not as there is help close to you.

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