How to Write a Personal Biography

How to Write a Personal Biography

Knowing how to write a personal biography is an important step that you should take in order to be successful in academics. Besides, writing a personal bio can also be a creative way of putting yourself out there when looking for a job or any other opportunity. This implies that the benefits of writing skills go beyond just enhancing academic performance. Read on to find out how to write a good personal biography.

What is a personal biography?

A personal biography is defined as a short story describing your personal life an experiences. The essay or paper that you are writing should provide information about yourself that you would want to share with others. By knowing what a personal biography is, you will find it quite easy writing one. This is because it will enable you to be aware of what to include when writing in order to deliver an outstanding bio.

A personal biography can be written for various reasons. While at school, you may be asked to write an assignment of a biography about yourself. On the other hand, there are also some colleges that will ask new applicants to write a personal biography when applying for their programs.

Today, there are also several employers who ask for professional biographies during hiring. This further confirms that it is critical for you to know how to write a personal biography. Contrary to what some may think, writing a personal bio is not very difficult. In fact, you will find out from the guidelines herein that it is quite easy.

Guidelines on how to write a personal biography

Writing a personal bio can be accomplished in various ways. However, the following are some of the main points that you should consider in order to easily know how to write a personal biography.

  • Identify the reason for writing the bio

Personal autobiographies are written for different reasons. Therefore, you have to initially determine your reason for writing since that will enable you to know the direction to take. For instance, a bio for your website or blog cannot be written in the same way as one for college application.

When you know the reason for writing the biography, you will be sure of the target audience, hence use the best tone that will make your work to look professional.

  • Read previously written biographies

Personal biographies have been written for many decades and it is very important that you take time to read a couple of previously done works to give you a head start. You can easily find copies of biographies online to gather more information from. This will help you in knowing how to write a good piece that will appeal to your audience.

Whether it is a biography for your site, college application or job seeking, be sure to look at professionally crafted samples and pick some ideas to make your work more impressive.

  • Refine your information

Writing a good bio requires that you also know how to narrow down the information that you have at hand to get the right one for the paper. The information to be included in your biography will depend on the purpose of the essay. Based on what you have chosen to include in the autobiography, always ensure that it is informative and relevant.

  • An autobiography should be written in third party

Despite the reason for writing the bio, the rule is that it should always be written in third party. This is recommended since it will make your work to look more objective. A third party is whereby the copy is written like it is someone else narrating your own story.

  • Consider the length of the biography

A personal autobiography should not be too long. In fact, a professional bio for maybe a job application does not require so much information since that will easily bore the reader. Even if you are writing for a blog or website, always try to be precise and informative.

It would also be ideal if you included a recent photo in the bio. However, this is not mandatory.

Steps on how to write a personal biography

Writing is a process that requires proper planning so that your points are clearly brought out as expected. The best way to do this is through drafting an outline before you start writing the biography. An outline basically refers to a rough sketch of the points that you want to discuss in the required order. However, you might still encounter new perspectives to pursue in the process of writing.

The following are the steps on how to write a personal biography that is unique and will appeal to your audience.

  • Open the bio by introducing yourself

The introduction should be short but give your identification in the third party. This should be linked to a short statement showing the beginning of the journey, event or experience that you want to discuss in the biography. For example, a good personal autobiography for a job application should start like, ‘’Jane Smith is a professional architect in Boston who has been in the field since 2000…’’ You can also further state some of your areas of specialization if any.

  • Give some information about your education and credentials

After introduction, tell the reader about your academic qualifications, including degrees, diplomas or certificates earned so far. Besides, you should also give names of the institutions attended in the course of your studies. Always give specifics because that is what most look for during hiring or admission to institutions of learning.

  • Talk about your notable achievements

Writing a personal biography also requires you to discuss about your key achievements in life. This is where you will also be expected to talk about the awards that you have so far earned in case there is any. Also point out any recognition that you have acquired in the career that you are pursuing. For instance, if you can mention some of the media houses that have published your works if you are an author.

  • Write the conclusion

A conclusion should always bridge in the gaps present in the body of the paper while also giving your readers something to look forward to. Thus, it would be ideal if you closed your bio by stating any of your current or future projects. Even if you have any plans for something coming up, you can also state it in the conclusion. However, you have to been keen to ensure that any necessary adjustment or clarification is made at the end so that it does not contradict the previous statements.

Examples of a Personal biography

In order to gain proper knowledge on how to write a personal biography, you should also refer to the links that we have outlined in this section.

  • Click on this link to a good example of a personal biography.

The excerpt in the above link is an example of a personal biography where the author has detailed his life from childhood to adulthood. Just as outlined in the guidelines given herein, the author has started by identifying himself.

In the body of the biography, the author has also precisely been able to outline some of the notable events in his life through school, college and now that he is a married and has a family of his own.

At the end of the biography, the author has not ended in the common way that many would expect but still managed to deliver a good work. In this sample personal biography, the author has concluded with a quote that is related to the events discussed in the biography.

  • Click here, for more examples personal autobiographies. One of the best among them is the personal biography of a beautician.

In the excerpt, the author has clearly started the bio by introducing herself and then further detailing how she began the job of working at a salon.

The example is a good one because it also details the author’s, educational and career background. Since the author of the bio works at a salon, she has even gone ahead to highlight some of the areas that she is specialized in and the location of the business.

At the conclusion of the bio, the author has pointed out a unique service that is also offered at the salon and guarantees a discount for all clients. This is a good ending since it gives the readers something to look forward to.

  • You can also refer to for more insight on how to write a good personal biography. This link has up to four examples that will help you to easily know how to craft a unique and outstanding biography.

One of the unique features of the bio samples in the above link is that they have photos unlike the previously given ones.

We hope that the above guidelines will help you know how to write a personal biography with ease.

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