How to write a Personal Bio on Yourself

How to write a Personal Bio on Yourself

What is a personal bio?

A personal bio not only introduces you but it highlights some of your most notable projects.

Do you want to know how to write a personal bio on yourself? The guidelines here will help you know how to write a great one with ease.

Personal bios are supposed to be concise and short with relevant information only listed. While you explore how to write this kind of bio, it is advisable to avoid including personal statistics like hobbies and family but instead, angle it to the target audience.

Here are a few things you ought to know that will help you know how to write a personal bio on yourself:

Ideally, consider the following while writing your bio:

  • The length of the bio will vary in accordance to the purpose you want it to serve. However, in most cases, they are short and should have around fifty to two hundred words.
  • In a bio, you are supposed to list professional accomplishments and portray your personality
  • A hook should be added to the end of the bio to give it more color and make it easy for people to recall your name when they meet you next
  • Before you add information to the bio, ask yourself whether it is something that sets you apart.

Tips on how to write a personal bio on yourself

Start by introducing yourself

When writing a bio, always start by introducing yourself. You should also remember to write in third person for instance, “Steve is a photographer” rather than “I am a photographer”. State the year when you started your relevant job experience like “has been taking professional photographs since 2000”. While introducing yourself, you should always state your areas of expertise.

Keep it simple, honest and short

In your bid to know how to write a personal bio on yourself, it is crucial to note that you should deliver a well written bio. Avoid marketing speak that is not welcome and hyperbole that leaves the reader without a clue of who you truly are.

While writing a personal bio, make sure that it is honest and simple. If you use a “call to action” or “hook” at the start of the bio, make sure the claims regarding your skills base, service or even background are not exaggerated. A good personal bio should be about building your readers trust. If the reader feels that the link between you two is a fragile one, they will disappear forever.

Also, keep the bio short. Majority of people are interested in reading a short bio. A single, great sentence will inspire people to learn more about you compared to a long and bad bio. The idea is keeping the bio shorter. The sample bio found at here is an ideal example of how keeping it short keeps the reader interested in learning more about you.

Identify the audience and purpose

Before you begin writing your bio, it is important to have a clear picture of who you are writing for. A personal bio is the first form of introduction you have to your audience as such, it should communicate in an effective and quick manner about whom you are and what you specialize in. The kind of bio you write for a web page could be different from one for college application.

The style and tone

Once you have determined your audience, the next step is to write with them in mind. This will make it easy for you to use the right tone and choose every word wisely. You should be true to the person you are and what you already know. Your reader wants information about you that is straightforward and they do not need or want to know every detail regarding your personal and professional life.

The personal aspects should shine through but you also need to be careful not to treat the reader as your friend. A tone that is overly friendly will make them suspicious and one that is too serious will put them off. Generally, people are social animals with the desire to connect as such, use settle on a personal tone to invite your reader in. finding a style and tone that ensures you tread on middle ground is the trick.

While writing, do not use a distant, overly objective tone which is a characteristic of someone who doesn’t know how to write a personal bio. Use a style of writing you are comfortable with and one you are well experienced. Do not attempt to make fun or crack jokes unless you have a record of using amusement in your writing. You should be honest not only with yourself but the reader as well and stick to a format that is simple and capable of presenting information in a straightforward manner.

The opening statement

If you make the mistake of messing up the opening statement, you lose the reader within the first 5 seconds. However, if you get it right, it is likely they will skip the rest of the bio, go to your contact details and call you. Therefore, it is important to make sure the opening statement has the following:

  • Your name
  • The summary of whatever it is that you do
  • Reference to your experience and skills
  • Call to action

The above guidelines on how to write a personal bio on yourself are not enough to equip you for this task. You also need to look at some examples and here are a few of them.


Steve John writes for journals, national newspapers and magazines on a variety of subjects and continues to make sure his clients enjoy the benefits of his marketing and copy writing skills.

Main Body

Remember the main body gives you the opportunity to outline your greatest achievements and work. However, you are not supposed to present an employment history that is detailed or confine it to specific references of employment.

Keep focus on yourself

Remember to keep the focus on yourself because if you focus on another person even your reader will wonder if you know how to write a personal bio on yourself. The reader is interested in learning and hearing more about you. They want to know what makes you stand out and why they should remember you.

Therefore, make sure that your descriptions are right on point, memorable and personal. Whatever you write, make sure it is inspired by the truth. Write about real issues and things that matter most to you. Keeping the reader engaged is one of the most ideal ways to get them to take action in the direction you are pointing them.

Consider the details to share

The information you decide to share will vary in accordance to who your target audience is. Since you are getting to know how to write a personal bio, you should include details like personal beliefs, mottos and hobbies. Another yardstick to determine if you really know how to write a personal bio about yourself is the kind of tone you use. The tone you use should be informal.

Steer clear off buzz words

Buzz words refer to words that are often overused and which have ceased to mean much to most people since they convey a general meaning. Such words include “creative”, “expert” and “professional” etc. You have to do more than simply tell. Provide concrete examples of what makes you creative or talented.

State notable achievements

State notable awards or achievements you have earned. You are supposed to keep the information relevant for your intended audience. If you are an author, briefly list some of the publishing magazines or houses your work has been published.

If you are a business professional, highlight awards or other forms of recognition you have received. Here is a good example of a perfectly personal bio of Chris Brogan that you can read to help you know how to write a personal bio on yourself.

The closing statement

You should conclude your bio by stating briefly any upcoming and current projects for instance, a new book in the offing. The last sentence is supposed to state where you live. Wherever necessary, make sure you make adjustments to the bio for instance in regard to your achievements, education as well as expertise to ensure it reflects your current information.

Here is also another sample of a well written personal bio.

We hope from the above guidelines you know how to write a personal bio on yourself that is impressive.

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