How to Write a Performance Review for Your Boss

How to Write a Performance Review for Your Boss

Knowing how to write a performance review for your boss as an employee is very important. A performance review or an upward appraisal is used to evaluate your manager or boss and is a document that represents that treacherous water. A performance review comes with various benefits including enhanced management and more engagement between top leadership and staff members. This is why it is widely used in organizations across the globe.

When writing a performance review for your boss, it is imperative to take on the task with objectivity and calmness to achieve the desired result especially when it comes to your integrity.

How to write a performance review for your boss for a useful feedback

Identify vital areas that need change

An upward appraisal should offer benefits to the employer and the employer. For this reason, it is imperative that you identify vital areas that need change. Brainstorm and state your ideas clearly before writing the appraisal. This is because the clearer your ideas are, the useful and coherent the feedback you generate from the review. Therefore,

  • Consider your bosses leaderships style and its aspects that need improvement
  • Identify protocols that need change
  • Ask yourself when did you start having a feeling of frustration from your boss and what really happened and
  • Finally state the least enjoyable part of your work and the reasons behind it.

Key areas of success

You should also identify key success areas by defining the strengths of your manager and successes. This enables you to talk about success and in a meaningful way. Consider the good things that you wish could take place more often. In this relevance, it is wise that you know how to write a performance review for your boss by

  • Defining positive things done by your boss and you feel should continue
  • Stating the things you appreciate when it comes to leadership style of your manager
  • State the most attractive or favorite thing about your manager and
  • How your boss has enabled you to excel in your work.
 Consider the big picture

When writing an appraisal for your boss, it is wise to focus on all aspects of leadership of your manager since, he or she manages the entire team. Therefore, having a bigger picture will help you to write a good and significant appraisal. Include good things such as

  • Ability of your manager to meet the goals set by your team
  • The needs, priorities and goals that you have met because of mentorship and leadership from your boss and
  • What can done to enhance employee productivity
 Be specific

It is always good to go to specifics in an appraisal. State the things you do not like and the things you want to remain the same. It helps the boss to know exactly what to improve on and the way to do it. Remember, this is the reason as to why they ask for a performance review in the first place.

Be solution minded

If you want to write a review that will truly bring about changes, suggest the changes. Offer a suggestion on how things can be improved because your boss can’t read your mind.

Stay honest

The purpose of a review is to help your boss improve based on your feedback. Therefore, know how to write a performance review for your boss that is concrete and direct. In this relevance, you can state how the behavior of your boss affects you or makes you feel to drive home the point.

Be professional and constructive

The rule of thumb when it comes to writing a good performance review is to always remain professional and constructive. Avoid negative criticism to avoid hurting the feelings of your manager. Keep in mind that a caring boss asks for a review with the purpose of improving and making your work environment comfortable.

Be a forward thinker

A manager or a boss cannot change the past but you can. In this case, focus on a feedback that is future based and does not look back as past bad work experiences. For a good result, suggest new goals and see what you would love to see next time as you strive forward to achieve your goals.

Be confident and end on a positive note

Be confident and freely express what you want your boss to know as well as the changes you expect. Be thoughtful, professional and avoid statements that can blindside your boss. Additionally, end on a positive note because you want to see your boss improve. In this case, appreciate any role or something your boss did and challenges that come with their roles. If your boss improves at work, your work experience will also be good, hence the need to draft a good appraisal.

How to write a performance review for your boss that doesn’t pose danger

A performance review can pose danger to you. This is why you should master the art of how to write a performance review for your boss that generates a positive feedback. Avoid group thin or group evaluations in your review. An evaluation can lead to frustrations and be a complaint session. With such frustrations, you can easily write an appraisal that frames the issue in a context that is larger than your boss. Therefore, focus on the purpose of the review and think of how the manager will react after reading it.

Additionally, be prepared to give illustrations and back up for your suggestions and ideas. Sharing opinions on improvements you wish to see helps you to write a review that doesn’t pose any danger because it is not accusatory.

Lastly, be tactful. Do not get back at your boss in the review.

How to write a performance review for your boss by defining company policy

Company policy is very important when writing a performance review. It dictates how the appraisal should be written and how the process should be carried out, its frequency and form. Therefore, find out how to write a performance review for your boss, identify what is customary and prepare efficiently depending on whether you will be writing anonymously or not. With company policy in mind, it becomes easy to evaluate your boss and in a professional way.

Examples of performance review for your boss

Example 1…..Rating scale for performance review

The performance review for performance and planning is made up of five major factors including Poor, Needs, Enhancement/Improvement, Meets Requirements, Exceeds requirements and outstanding. Any issue of factor that is poor rated or calls for improvements must have comments or performance comments. What’s more, any issue, or performance comments should support or illustrate the given rating. Get the full performance review at here.

Example 2…

Management Performance review on a form

In this form, you need to evaluate the performance of any management or leadership position. The key areas you should focus on include problem solving, communication, entrepreneurship and customer service. Each section includes a key area to include goals and strengths for developments.

Job skills and knowledge For example, has technical professional skills needed for the top management job and is competent…………………………………… Performance Level / Comments
Planning and Organization…………………………………………….
Budget administration
Training and development
Problem solving
Entrepreneurship skills
Team work
Customer service and sales

The above performance review example, can be found here.

Example 3

In this example, you will get brief excerpts of feedback to support performance review

Exceeds expectations

John as a manager continuously meets the goals of the organization. He adapts to change and works under pressure comfortably while ensuring that he maintains a positive attitude. He also has ability to work exceptionally well with junior staff to ensure they meet the needs of their departments.

Meets Expectations

John meets the expectations of the organization in his top management role. He adapts to the ever changing work environment and works under pressure but at times, at the expense of time management. He also demonstrates sufficient communication and leadership skills and completes managerial tasks and required responsibilities.

However, he should try to seek out other professional managerial opportunities for a top managerial position because he is a competent manager.

Needs improvement

In the managerial position, John should try hard to remain positive and channel frustrations that come with urgent deadlines when it comes to client needs to avoid working under a lot of pressure… for the performance review example above and other exceptional tips to writing a successful appraisal, click here.

For a performance review method that you can follow, check out this link performance appraisal

With the above guidelines on how to write a performance review for your boss, drafting an effective appraisal should not be a problem. However, for an outstanding review that generates the desired feedback without hurting the feelings of your boss, you can always outsource professional writing services.

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