How to Write a Novel

How to Write a Novel

With professional help on how to write a novel you will get the greatest motivation for writing a unique and appealing piece. Writing a novel is not different from term papers, reports or any other academic papers. In fact, the tips and examples that we have given herein will enable you to realize that it is quite easy. Read on to find out more on how to go about writing a novel.

What is a novel?

The first step towards knowing how to write a novel is defining what a novel is. A novel refers to a fictional piece that is narrated in prose. However, it should be noted that a novel can also tell the story of actual occurrences.

The only difference between writing a novel and academic papers is that the task may be more elaborate based on the story that you are telling or the subject of the novel. An academic paper is usually a few pages but a novel will require you to give more information. However, this should not scare you in any way.

With professional help in writing a novel, you will not only be able to create an outstanding work of art but also perform quite well in academic papers. Besides, the skills can also be very useful after school since you can opt to pursue professional writing as a career. This will as a result offer you satisfaction and also a source of living. On the other hand, you may also want to write a novel in future and these skills will come in handy.

Guidelines on how to write a novel

In order to write a good novel, there are certain specifications that you have to take note of. The following are some of the best tips on how write a novel that you should abide by in the process of writing.

  • Know the type and genre of novel that you want to write

There are various kinds of novels that you can choose from. In order to avoid looking like a jack of all trades, always be specific on the type of novel that you want to work on. Some of the main kinds of novels that you can choose from include family drama, wartime epic, romance, science fiction, literary among others.

With the idea of the novel that you have in mind, you can easily know the type that can tell your story better. This will even make it much easier in researching.

In determining the type of novel to write, you should also know the particular audience that you are targeting.

  • Exploit your inspirations

Writing a novel requires more than just putting down your ideas on paper to fill pages. You have to get feel the urge from inside in order to deliver a piece that readers can relate to and understand.

Inspiration is more like creativity and comes to people differently. Besides, inspiration will not come to you but you have to put in effort and know when an idea can come into mind. The best way of ensuring that ideas are captured whenever they show up is, having a notebook with you at all times.

Inspiration can be generated from various things and activities like TV shows, radio, online blogs, books and interaction with friends among others.

  • Do thorough research

A novel can be based on a fictional story or a real life experience. However, you should always conduct further research on the idea or subject of the novel in order to create a story that is interesting and unique. Read some of the previously written novels in the genre that you have chosen to find out how the piece should be crafted. It is also advisable that you read as many novels as you can in that genre to familiarize yourself with the writing.

  • Novels are mainly written in third or first person but you can also pursue second person if it suits your needs.

How to write a novel step by step

A good novel should be written in proper order and format. The following steps should guide you on how to write a novel.

  • Craft your ideas and use them to create a fictional world

Writing should transport you into a different world of your own in order to bring out the ideas and story as required. In doing this, consider the setting of the novel, create characters and then visualize the entire plot.

  • Draw an outline

With your ideas and the plot of the story in focus, you can now create an outline to give a more clear representation of how the final piece will look. In creating the outline, you should also indicate the points to be covered in the introduction, body and conclusion so that you do not forget some details.

  • Choose an ideal routine

Writing a novel is an activity that requires dedication, hard work and constant progress since it might take you weeks, months and even years to accomplish. Thus, you should settle on a schedule that you can keep and is convenient.

  • Collect all the writing and reference materials

In writing, you will constantly need to modify the text based on what comes to mind and that which can work well in the piece. To avoid the hassle and interference of running up and down each time that you settle down to write, it is important to have all the materials that you need at hand. For instance, if there are some sources online that you may need to refer to, it is advisable that you download them in advance.

  • Write the first draft

With the information that you need and all the writing materials in place, you can now begin to create the first draft of your novel. However, there are key aspects that have to be portrayed in your novel to make it interesting and worth reading.

Below are the main features of a novel that your work should bear.

  • A well written introduction that outlines the story and is well structured with striking phrases that are relevant to the subject and can entice readers to proceed.
  • A good novel should also be written in proper language that the audience can understand and relate to without problems or feeling offended.
  • The story should also be presented in a sequence that readers can easily follow to the end. For instance, you can decide to create chapters to outline change in scenes.
  • It is also important to include aspects of drama across the story to make it more interesting and keep readers glued to the text.
  • Shorter sentences are ideal for easy understanding and will also make your work to be more appealing.
  • The conclusion of the novel should also be well crafted to leave the readers with something to think about. In this way, you will be able to create an impact with the story, thereby achieving your goal.

There is usually no limit to the number of pages that a novel should have. However, there are instances whereby you may be asked to write a novel of a particular number of pages.

After writing the novel, always take time to proofread and edit the text in order to eliminate mistakes.

Examples of Novels

Examples of novels are also recommended to help you find out more on how to write a novel. In fact, you can easily know how to write an outstanding novel by simply looking at examples since they offer a detailed illustration on the various aspects of a novel.

Example 1-

It is an excerpt of a short novel of only two pages long but has clearly portrayed what a typical novel should look like. The introduction is quite short but dramatic and captivating to push readers into reading the whole story.

The body is well structured with quotes and other elements of action that keep the story interesting.

At the end, the author has also designed a short but well crafted conclusion that puts the story to rest. For instance, the conclusion in this case tells the lesson learnt from the experience that is detailed in the story.

Click here to view.

Example 2-

The ‘’Story of Hands and Hearts’’  is also another ideal example of a short novel that outlines all the elements discussed above.

Click here to view.

Example 3-

The last two stories in examples 2 and 3 will also show you how the introduction, body and conclusion of a novel should be designed since they are all written in very short and clear paragraphs.

Click here to view.

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