How to Write a Methodology Chapter for Dissertation

How to Write a Methodology Chapter for Dissertation

A methodology chapter basically states what research you are going to do and how you intend to do it. It takes up almost 20 % of the whole project.

The main purpose of a dissertation methodology section is to talk about the research. In it, the researcher attempts to justify the methods used to conduct research. So if writing a dissertation, you should already know how to write a methodology chapter. Here are basic guidelines that can help you construct a methodology chapter correctly.

  1. Provide a brief overview of the kind of research you intend to take

–          Qualitative research-theory based.

–          Quantitative research based on statistics

–          Mixed research- comprises both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The kind of research method you use will depend entirely on your topic and research area.

  1. Explain your choice of research methods. You need to convince the reader that the research method is most applicable to the topic. As such, you need to explain exactly how effective it is and how it will help overcome possible hurdles. All this information should appear in the methodology chapter.
  2. Describe your research methodology procedure. It is important to describe how you used the method to collect research material.  Also mention alternative research methods that would have been effective or yielded similar results.

For some students, the process of writing a dissertation methodology section is optional. Quite the contrary, the methodology is the base of your research and therefore plays a significant role. Failure to include this section translates to failed grades.

Before you begin writing a dissertation, therefore, take time to learn how to write a methodology chapter. By following the above guidelines you can write a good dissertation methodology section without difficulties.

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