How to Write a Letter to a Friend

How to Write a Letter to a Friend

Mastering the art of how to write a letter to a friend is essential. A friendly letter can be written to friends or family members and are often the easiest to draft. The rule of thumb in writing such a letter is however to be yourself and to share your feelings freely. However, you should always focus on the content of the letter because it depends on whom you are addressing and the purpose of communicating.

It is also imperative to note that when writing a letter to a friend, you should use a familiarity and a friendliness tone. This is based on the fact that you are addressing someone you know. The basic guidelines below on how to write a friendly letter will help you write a meaningful and interesting letter with a lot of care and thoughtfulness.

Similarly, keep in mind that a letter to a friend can be written any day, for any reason and at any time. As a result, it is essential to use every day language, engage the recipient and freely express your feelings through words. By doing so, you can be sure of a successful letter.

How to write a letter to a friend effortlessly

In today’s age of advanced technology, the art of letter writing has become less popular. Even so, letters are still relevant and writing a friendly letter is appropriate. This is because the content of the letter is more personal and less formal. Therefore, to get started, you should always keep in mind the three parts of a friendly letter including;

  • The introductory part which gives the reader the main idea of your subject or what you are talking about
  • The body which is the main point of the letter and
  • The conclusion where you wrap up a letter and close it off

How to write a letter to a friend using the ideal format

To write an a good and effective letter to a friend, you should follow the format below:

156 Beach Lane


2008 ——this is your personal address and should be written on the top right of your page. Ensure your address is correct and that each line is correct and directly underneath the other. Avoid the use of commas and full stops.

15th June 2015—-the date should always be below your address and should be written in full.

Dear Granny —-this is the salutation or greeting and should be written in its own line. It is not important to put a comma after the name of the person.


How are you Grandma? I hope you are well. I want to thank you so much for sending me the money for my birth day party. I used it to buy a nice dress.

Always ensure there is a line between the first paragraph and the introduction.


I had an amazing 12th birthday and we went to the beach with my fiends Greg and Bella. We spent most of the day playing volleyball, swimming and sun bathing. My friends also surfed but I am still learning how to perfect my skills on surfing.

What’s more, Uncle Sam gave me a pet dog and I have named him Alfie. He is so cute, naughty, and very playful but sleeps soundly at night.

The above two paragraphs make up the body of the letter. When writing the paragraphs ensure to each paragraph against the margin line of your paper.


Grandma, I am really looking forward to your visit in November so that we can spend more time together. I also want to show Alfie to you and I am sure he will be all grown by the time.

With love, Taylor

—–this is the sign off of your letter and you can use other words such as, your loving grandchild.

With the above format for writing a letter to a friend, you should always keep in mind that a letter is always a letter. As a result, it should be

  • Well organized
  • Readable and
  • Clear

With such a letter, the recipient will not have a hard time trying to understand what your message is all about. It is easy to go through a readable letter and get the gist of its content. For this reason, write in direct and simple sentences while organizing them into different concise paragraphs.

How to write a letter to a friend and ensure it is good

When writing a letter to a friend, consider writing a draft or prior planning. Brainstorm on what you want to say because it will help you to make clear points in your letter. This is the point where you have to determine the purpose of drafting your letter.

Having a clear purpose makes it easier to construct flawless sentences and to organize your thoughts beforehand. This is why having an outline or a draft is always recommendable because you can go over it many times and correct where necessary.

Always use clear and neat handwriting in your letter. It will keep the reader interested in the letter and it will not spoil the excitement of receiving a letter in the mail. If you are writing on a computer, ensure to check and correct spelling and grammar errors to enhance readability of your letter.

Avoid anything messy in your writing. One of the guidelines on how to write a letter to a friend is to avoid any messy detail. If you wish to include glitter, ensure it is securely spread and stuck in the letter.

Address the person to whom the letter is intended for directly

The tone you use should be warm, happiness show care and love as a way of generating a more personal touch

Loyal, trustworthy and reassuring adjectives should be used in the letter

Do not decorate your envelope. This interferes with the mailing system or process because it will take long to sort.

Have someone else to proofread your letter. In many cases, it can be hard to spot mistakes in letters that you personally write. However, someone else can easily spot grammar and spelling errors before you send it thus ensuring your letter is readable.

Last but not least, always master the art of writing a letter to a friend that reflects life and enthusiasm. It should have the feel good factor or mood.

Example one: letter to a friend

Dear Juliet

Having a true friend like you in today’s world can be difficult. I think I am one lucky person because you have been a friend in need and indeed. Without you, life would be very boring. I still remember our days in school, when we were young, when we would play and sit beside each other. It is more than fifteen years now and our friendship have grown through the years. I would therefore like to thank you for being there for me through the ups and downs of life.

When my dad passed on last year, you were very supportive to me and my family… see more here.

Example 2
Letter of invitation to a friend

Dear Noah

Hi Noah, I am having a great time in this beautiful city. Even though we do not communicate on daily basis, I am very happy and glad to hear you are doing well. I will go and watch a ballet concert on Saturday, The Swan Lake and I have two tickets. On the same Saturday, we also plan to go out fishing among other fun filled activities for the weekend. With you by my side, the weekend will be more interesting. Therefore, I take this opportunity to invite you over for the concert.

Come to my house so that we can go together…view more at

Example 3
Dear Emily

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I am writing to check on you and little Julie with the hope that she is doing well. I hope that her kindergarten lessons are great.

I miss you so much and I hope you will come over during the holiday….  read the rest at

A good letter should not take the reader in circles. Despite the fact that a letter to a friend is informal, it is essential to be direct and to draw your conclusion in a clear way. For this reason, keep your content clear, precise and in a way that it conveys a complete message. Avoid beating around the bush because it confuses a reader.

Therefore, keep in mind the above guidelines on how to write a letter to a friend by ensuring the first paragraph has the gist. Expand into details as you progress and ensure the main idea is present in the succeeding paragraphs. Follow a good format and have our writers craft an excellent letter for you whenever you are stuck.

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