How to Write a Letter for Kids

How to Write a Letter for Kids

The key to understanding how to write a letter for kids whether it is a formal, personal or cover format is to ensure clear communication. It is with no doubt that letter writing for kids, is fun and still significant even in today’s age of advent technology where people communicate via social media. This is because a letter is a written piece that enables you to express yourself in paper.

Letters for kids, help kids to enhance their communication skills, their vocabulary, learn how to write well and it is fun. Therefore, they can easily communicate just about anything in paper.

Step by step guide on how to write a letter for kids

Having a guide on how to write a letter for kids makes letter writing fun and simple. Therefore, if you have been looking for more specific details on how to go about your letter, this guide will help you to get started


Before writing a letter, it is imperative to plan. Think about the information you want to pass across. This enables you to draft a relevant, interesting and error free letter.

Put together your ideas

After planning, you should put your ideas together. This prevents cases of getting stuck in the main content. You do not need a lot except for a date if you are writing an informal letter to someone you know. For a formal letter, it is essential to include your contact details at the top.

Start with a greeting or salutation

On the left side of your letter, start with a greeting. ‘’Dear’’, Hello or Hi are commonly used as an opening in many letters, followed by the address or first name of the person being addressed. For a highly formal letter, use the greetings form of ‘’Dear Sir/Madam’’ in your opening.

Write the opening

A letter has different parts and the opening paragraph is very important. It should be tailored based on the person you are addressing. You can start the paragraph with how are you, how is the going or how have you been especially in informal letters. For formal types, it is wise to be direct by explaining the reasons for your writing. Summarize the purpose of the letter and write in a concise way to help the reader understand you.

The body

In many cases, the body part of the letter is the most unique. It shouldn’t be more than two pages long, and this is a general rule of thumb. What’s more, it should always be clear and concise. Each paragraph should also be interesting

The closing paragraph

Once you are done with the body paragraph, you should indicate the kind or type of response you wish to get in the closing paragraph. This can be something like ‘’I look forward to your kind response’’ or ‘’Please feel free to contact me via telephone or email’’.

A farewell expression should also be included just after the closing paragraph. This is commonly known as a complimentary close or a valediction. Some of the complimentary closes commonly used include cheers, talk soon or thanks. In this case, you have to choose the most suitable for your letter.

When writing a letter, it is imperative to pay more or specific attention to content. Be as polite as possible in your writing. This is to maintain the reader’s attention and to avoid angering him or her. Additionally, it helps to generate the desired response.

On the front page of an envelope, avoid decorations. This can easily interfere with the mailing system. If you wish to use stickers, decorative stamps or pictures, it is wise to place them out of the main view, which is the back of the envelope.

Understanding the five major parts of a letter

With the above guidelines on how to write a letter for kids, you can easily draft your letter if you are informed of the major parts that makes up a friendly or a formal letter. They include

The heading– this is the address and date

Greeting– starts with Dear, followed by the name of the person being addressed and then a comma

The Body– this is the main text of a letter where you use an indent when starting a new paragraph.