How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter

Going out to the field and gathering research information is perhaps the most exciting part of dissertation writing. But, writing the paper itself is what gets you marks. You need to organize the information correctly from the beginning to the end in a clear and logical manner.

It is therefore important to pay attention to each chapter of the dissertation including the conclusion. The dissertation conclusion part carries a lot of weight because this is the place where you present your results and recommendations. A captivating conclusion showcases your research and analytical abilities about a particular topic.

When learning how to write a dissertation conclusion chapter, keep in mind the following:

  • The dissertation conclusion plays a significant role in your project as it presents a summary of the dissertation content. What was the investigation all about, reasons for the phenomenon, importance?
  • The dissertation conclusion attempts to restate the aim of the research. Ask yourself, what was the purpose of the study?
  • The dissertation conclusion provides a summary of the findings. What did you discover during and after the investigation?
  • The dissertation conclusion states the significance of the findings. Ask yourself if the findings will be useful in the future, does it enhance your understanding of something?
  • The dissertation conclusion presents the limitations of the investigation. Ask yourself whether you encountered any challenges during the investigation? Does the study realize particular variables and so on?
  • The dissertation conclusion presents recommendations for further research by other scholars.
  • The dissertation conclusion also presents implications for the research. Ask yourself what cause of action should be taken?

Once your conclusion is complete, do not forget to evaluate the content. Edit and proofread your work to ascertain that correct information is included. Remember, your dissertation conclusion chapter should come at the end of the project. Do not forget to include your references list.