How to Write a Dissertation Acknowledgement

How to Write a Dissertation Acknowledgement

An acknowledgment dissertation page allows you to appreciate all the help you’ve received during the writing process. Here, you get to mention and thank each person that immensely contributed to your dissertation writing. It is therefore a significant part of your dissertation because it makes the people you’ve acknowledged feel appreciated for their efforts.

Useful tips

    • Make a list of all the people you wish to thank before you begin writing your dissertation acknowledgment. Consider including your adviser, professors, librarians, spouse, parents, friends, colleagues, and classmates.

  • Divide the list into different parts according to the amount of contribution made. Ask yourself who made the greatest contribution and who made the list? Who do you want to exclude from the list? Remember, you cannot include everyone, concentrate on major contributors.
  •  Write your dissertation acknowledgment in one paragraph. Use appealing phrases that will show just how thankful you are. Your acknowledgment should not exceed on-page.

Make sure to recognize the contribution each person provided. It is good to that each person individually and not collectively. Since you will write this section once the dissertation is complete, make sure you note down each individual as you get the help. Use short, straightforward but impressive words when phrasing your ‘Thank You.

Generally, the dissertation acknowledgment page is the only section where the informal tone is allowed. However since a dissertation is an academic examinable document, use informal language to the minimum.  Avoid colloquial, conversational language when appreciating your contributors. Your acknowledgment dissertation page should appear in between the copyright and dedication pages.

If unable to construct an acknowledgment, ask your adviser to help you. This is just a simple article to help you learn how to write a dissertation acknowledgment.