How to Write a Critical Analysis of an Article

How to Write a Critical Analysis of an Article

It is important that you know how to write a critical analysis of an article since it is part of the assignments usually given at school. In order to make it much easier for you, we have outlined the best tips herein on how to go about writing an outstanding analysis of an article. Further, you will also find examples of professionally written critical analysis papers.

Strong essay and research paper writing skills are very important for students in high school, college and even higher levels of studies. In fact, article analysis essays are among the most common kind of essays that you will be required to write.

What does writing a critical analysis of an article entail?

The words; ‘critical analysis of an article’ can seem so big and even challenging to many. However, knowing how to write a critical analysis of an article begins with the definition of a critical analysis essay. It should be noted that when asked to write a critical analysis of an article, you are simply required to describe or discuss a particular article which in this case you will be given.

The fact that you are given the article to discuss in your analysis makes it quite easy to write the paper. It means that you will not have to depend on your imagination when writing since you have the copy of the article to be analyzed at your disposal.

Guidelines on how to write a critical analysis of an article

Writing an article analysis essay requires you focus onto the details of the given copy. The analysis should not be very elaborate but more of a review of the article. This implies that it should be shorter in length compared to the work that is to be analyzed. However, this should not compromise the content of the analysis.

The following are the main points to consider as you continue to find out more on how to write a critical analysis of an article.

  • Carefully read the article

In order to deliver a good critical analysis of an article, you have to read the piece and understand it very well. After the first reading, it is advisable that you go through it again and take notes. Highlight the important paragraphs that would help you in coming up with ideas. Take time to also think critically as you read through.

  • Research

Although you are always offered an article to analyze, the information contained therein may not be sufficient to support your argument. Therefore, it is always advisable that you research outside the given article in order to get more acquainted with the subject.

There are lots of formal responses to academic works that you can always find online and even libraries. When researching, always stay relevant to the subject of the article in order to get the required information. However, your sources should be referenced in order to avoid cases of plagiarism.

  • Thesis statement

It is very important that your analysis contains a well stated thesis statement so that readers can know what to expect from the other sections of the paper. This can be developed from reading the given text and developing an idea that you can support effectively in the rest of the paper. Based on the ideas acquired from reading the article and research, you can generate a thesis statement that will act as the basis of argument in the analysis.

  • Analyze the collected arguments

Look through all the information that you have come up with from different perspectives based on the subject of the article. Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your points to establish those that can argue out your opinion effectively.

Steps for writing a critical analysis of an article

With the above in mind, you are now ready to begin writing an analysis of the article. Follow the simple steps outlined below in order to know how to write a critical analysis of an article.

  • Draft an outline

In one or two sentences, write a thesis statement that summarizes your view on the subject of the article. These should reveal to the reader, the direction that the essay will take.

Create at least three main points to support the outlined thesis statement. Each of these should be discussed further in a separate paragraph in the body of the analysis.

In order to have a solid argument, it is advisable that you also identify a few quotes to include in the discussion. These may be from the article that you are analyzing or other sources. When picking the quotes to use in the essay, ensure that the sources are well documented since you will have to give reference to them in the paper.

  • Write the analysis

Begin the analysis with an introduction, giving an outline of what the essay is about. This should be linked to the thesis statement which usually comes right after introducing the paper.

After the thesis statement, you can now move into discussing the main points identified in the outline. Carefully handle each of them in different paragraphs, giving evidence where required to support your arguments. For instance, if you had three main points, you should have three paragraphs.

Develop a conclusion that points out the main ideas of the article. In the final statements, you should also re-phrase the thesis statement. A good conclusion should be just a few sentences, although, certain papers may require more.

  • Proofread and edit

After writing the analysis, take some time to read through it to ensure that all the sentences are well structured. Be keen to make all the necessary corrections as you read the paper. However, you can also hire professional proofreading and editing services from us.

Examples of Article Analysis Essays

You can also find out a lot on how to write a critical analysis of an article as required by looking at examples of some of the best. The following are samples written by experts on various subjects.

In this sample article analysis, the author has clearly indicated the introduction, body and conclusion in short paragraphs. However, it still tells the reader what ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ is about which in this case, is the personal story of the author while in prison during the Holocaust.

Further, the author has also illustrated more guidelines to help you in writing the paper and how to get help with such assignments.

  • Another good example of a critically analyzed essay is the paper about Non Western News.

Going by the title and introduction, this paper is focused on reviewing some of the key news articles about the United States from nations that are not in the Western block. Besides, the introduction has also given the reason why this review is done, which is the thesis statement.

In the analysis, the author has clearly discussed a few news stories from various countries across the world. For instance, the analysis includes stories from Daily Nation; a Kenyan Newspaper, The Buenos Aires Herald; an Afghanistan daily, Japan Today; a Japanese newspaper among others.

The author of this paper has discussed each of the stories in different paragraphs that are easier to read and understand. In fact, the essay also has quotations from various sources to support the arguments of the author. All these are properly referenced therein.

The conclusion is also quite short and well crafted with only three lines. Just as pointed out in the guidelines, the author of this essay has properly re-stated the thesis statement in a different way at the end. For instance, the end of the essay reads, ‘’This could be taken to mean that the United States enjoys warm diplomatic relations with several non-western countries.’’

In this article analysis essay, the author points out in the introduction that the paper is aimed at answering the question posed in the title in reference to Baumrind and Gershoff’s views. In this case, this acts as the thesis statement.

The body of the paper is also well structured with every key argument in a separate paragraph.

In the conclusion, the author makes reference to the question and ends by answering it based on the information from the given sources and research. The conclusion of this paper reads, ‘’It should be noted that corporal punishment causes low self esteem, aggression, low levels of mental among minors.’’ In this way, the readers will drop the paper with some lesson at the back of their minds.

We hope from the above guidelines you now know how to write a critical analysis of an article. However if you still find it a challenge kindly get in touch with us today for assistance. You can also visit our homepage for more information about our custom writing services. Alternatively you can continue reading more essay writing guidelines and samples on our blog.