How to Write a Cover Letter for Retail

How to Write a Cover Letter for Retail

If you want to apply for a retail job, you should learn how to write a cover letter for retail first. A cover letter enables you to sell your skills and abilities to the potential employer. Writing an excellent cover letter can make you stand unique from other applicants. Basically, a cover letter is the introduction of a job seeker to the potential employer. It is a single-page letter and part of a job application-

When applying for a retail job position, your cover letter should:

  • Introduce you
  • Mention the retail job that you are applying for
  • Match your experiences and skills with the required experiences and skills for the job
  • Encourage readers to read the resume that you attach to it
  • Have a call to action

Using your cover letter, you should describe your potential via the past work experiences to your potential employer. Such experiences include customer service, basic accounting and math skills-

How to write a cover letter for retail in six simple steps

  1. Research

Before you start writing the cover letter, conduct a research of the job that you are applying for. Find out the person or the department to address in your letter. If possible, contact that person so that you can inquire more about the job. This will enable you to come up with a cover letter that is specifically tailored for the job that you are applying for.

For instance, ask questions like:

  • What should I know about the job before I apply?
  • What are the attributes of the most ideal candidate?
  • Are there descriptions that I should look for?

Such questions can shed more light especially if the job advert did not provide a broad description of the position. The answers that you get will guide you in writing the cover letter. While conducting research, gather more information about the organization or company. You can use the internet to gather more information about the company. In case the company’s name is not in the job advert, contact the recruitment agency to find out who is the employer.

  1. Get the title and name of the hiring manager

This is very important because it enables you to come up with a more personal cover letter. If determining the name of the hiring manager becomes difficult for you, contact the HR department of the company. Explain to the person who picks your call that you are interested in the retail job’s position. Let them know that you want to know the name of the hiring manager so that you can impress them by addressing them by their personal name.

  1. Write a good introductory paragraph

Explain the reason for writing your letter in simple sentences. Describe the position that you are applying for in the introduction- Also explain what you will offer the company as a retail employee. You may also tell them how you learnt about that particular position or vacancy.

For instance, you can write,

“My name is Henry. I am interested in the retail sales position in your organization. I hereby apply for the position that was adverted on the career page of your company’s website on 11th June 2015. I have succeeded in various retail jobs by exceeding the expectations of my employers. I have also surpassed the sales goals of the organizations that I have worked for consistently while depicting exemplary customer service. Please find more details in my resume.”

  1. Write the body

Use quantifiable terms in describing your experience as a retail employee as well as your work achievements. Most retailers focus on bottom lines and therefore you should provide the details of your past sales records. This can convince them that you are a savvy, qualified and competent salesperson. You can list your sales achievements using bullet points.

For instance, you can state that you have exceeded the quarterly sales of the company that you worked for previously for six consecutive quarters. You can also state that you have maintained repeat customers for the company. Use phrases and words that the job that you are applying for requires. This will show that your qualifications make you the right candidate for the job. You should also tweak the sales descriptions in the resume. This will indicate a better connection between you and the job.

  1. Describe your professional traits and skills as a retail salesperson

As a retail salesperson, you need good customer service and communication skills. You must be able to mingle and interact with customers freely even irate ones. If customers are unsure about the products that they want, you must be able to make recommendations for them. For instance, seasoned salespersons employ consultative techniques to sell products. These include blending product knowledge and communication skills. In this paragraph, you should also explain your other competencies and traits like conflict resolution, dependability, and abilities to manage credit, cash and also refund transactions.

For instance, you can write,

“I have a successful record of cultivating relationships and providing excellent services to customers. This can be seen from the repeat businesses that I have earned my former employers. I also create visually impressive displays for product promotions. Additionally, I am an excellent team player and I always help my colleagues with an aim of ensuring that the store achieves the set goals.”

  1. End the letter

Use a brief paragraph to end the cover letter. Show the reader that you are interested and that you are looking forward to getting an interview invitation.

For instance, you can write;

“Thank you in advance. I look forward for a favorable consideration and a meeting with you for an interview.” To close the cover letter, use respectful salutation like, “Kind regards”, “Sincerely” or “Truly yours”.

If you have attached a resume, indicate it while ending the cover letter- However, it is important to attach a resume only if the employer asked you to. In most cases, the resume will not be opened if the job advert had not asked you to include it in the application.

Important tips on how to write a cover letter for retail

If you find following these steps in writing a cover letter for retail challenging, here are tips on how to write a cover letter for retail that will make the process easier:

  • Make the cover letter personal

Do not use generic templates that are found on the internet while writing the letter. Instead, tailor the cover letter to the position that you are applying for and the recruiter. If you must use a generic or basic template, make sure that your cover letter has details that are specific to the recruiter and the position-

  • Avoid reiterating what you have written in the resume

Make sure that your cover letter is not a repetition of what is in the CV. The cover letter ought to explain the reasons for applying for the retail position. Tell the reader why you think and feel that you match the position that you are applying for instead of giving all details of your education and employment history.

  • Focus on recruiter’s needs

Do not make your cover letter talk just about you. Instead, list your experience and skills while telling the reader how they will benefit their organization and why they should consider you for the retail job. Tell the reader what you will bring into the company once you are granted the opportunity. By focusing on the employer’s need, they will see why you are the right candidate for the job.

  • Keep the cover letter short

Do not ramble in the cover letter. Basically, a good cover letter is usually between three and five paragraphs. Keeping the letter short is very important since recruiters are busy and they most probably have many cover letters and CVs that they must sift through. A cover letter that is more than a page will most probably not be read by the recruiters. Therefore, edit it.

  • Write a cover letter for each store

If you are applying for retail positions in different stores, draft a cover letter for each. For instance, you should present yourself in different ways for jewelry stores, clothing stores and sports apparel stores. Make sure that each cover letter is written according to the requirements of each store.

Get professional help with your cover letter from a service provider that offers such services.

We hope from the above guidelines you now know how to write a cover letter for retail. If not keep on reading other related articles on this blog for more information.

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