How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

Any job seeker out there should not hesitate to establish how to write a cover letter for a job. Today’s job market is quite competitive and it demands a lot for one to stand out. A cover letter is one of the crucial documents that every job seeker should present all along the job search process. It is a document that is sent together with your resume or any other application document that you sent to potential employer to offer extra details on your skills and experiences.

A cover letter is essential for almost any job opening and the only time that you should not incorporate it is when the job advertisement clearly states that no cover letter should be attached. Employers or recruiters use cover letters as a means to screen job seekers for the available openings and to ascertain which candidates they would wish to interview. Hence, to be a part of this interview, it is wise to be well-versed on how to write a cover letter for a job.

Things to Consider as you Write a Cover Letter for a Job

Job openings vary on daily basis, and landing on the best job depends on your efforts, discipline, skills and qualifications. Many job seekers believe that a good and well-written resume will sell them to the potential employers. However, a good cover letter has to accompany all other documents that you produce. You cannot produce a great cover letter if you do not know the role it plays in the job search market. Hence, prior to learning how to write quality cover letters, here are a few roles it plays;

  • It introduces you (as a job applicant)
  • It states the job opening that you are applying for
  • It matches your skills and experiences necessary for the job vacancy
  • It spurs the recipient or reader to read your resume
  • Has to conclude with a call to action for instance requesting for an interview or a meeting.

With the above core purposes that the cover letter has to meet, it is essential to work on it thoroughly and ensure that it is in the best status as well as ensure it sparkles. If stuck, there are experts out there who are more than willing to help you know how to write a cover letter for a job. It may be a daunting and challenging process if you are writing your first cover letter, but these experts will present you with writing tips and procedures to adhere to.

Tips on How to Write Cover Letter for a Job Perfectly

A cover letter is an essential document that you have to pay much attention on and be cautious all through the writing procedure. A lot can be done to produce a quality cover letter. Any mistake in the writing process can cost you a well-paying job and incomparable working experience. Do not assume that employers or job recruiters will just look at your resume and get satisfied, a well-crafted cover letter will get read and boost your credibility.

A cover letter builds around the details that you offer in your curriculum vitae. The content that you offer should reaffirm to the recipient or reader that you are the suitable person for the job vacancy. Everything that you provide in your cover letter should spur the recruiter or reader to give your resume much attention it deserves. If you are ready to get noticed by hiring managers and stand out amongst other job seekers, here are few tips on how to write a cover letter for a job;

  1. Understand what the cover letter must accomplish. This is a kind of letter that sells you and attempts to motivate a certain action; an invitation for an interview in a company of choice. Here you have to illustrate your desire to work for the corporation. Identity certain ways that your skills and expertise will merit the employer, by distinguishing yourself from other job seekers.
  2. Customize your cover letter for your employer. Incorporate an assertion as to why you are attracted to the company. Take time and learn as much on the potential employer so as to produce a letter that meets the corporation’s needs. You can visit the firm’s website or scan through its publications and gather enough material. Highlight the most essential aspects of your experience that will be beneficial to the firm.
  3. Be confident and professional. A cover letter should start with a powerful and clearly crafted opening paragraph. Your tone should be a confident one as you expound how you heard of the job vacancy and why you are interested in it. Keep the letter polished and professional and interesting mentioning only those positive things as well as be formal and open.
  4. Highlight what is most essential for your letter to standout. A great cover letter ought to be brief and to the point. Recruiters have less time to go through all the letters submitted and so ensure that your letter is no longer than one page; make it three to four paragraphs.
  5. Use positive language in your letter. You have to ensure your letter illustrates your positivity and interest. Every aspect you depict in your cover letter should show you in a graceful manner.
  6. Counter check grammar, punctuation and spelling flaws. The smallest grammatical and spelling mistakes can easily discourage the hiring manager from contacting you for an interview. Ask a competent writer or person to proofread your letter and make sure that it is flawless.
  7. Find a better way to follow up. As you express gratitude for the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s time and enthusiasm, close the letter by outlining your next steps. State when you will contact him or her to follow up the application. Include phone number or an e-mail address that the firm or hiring manager can use to contact you.

The Procedure for Writing Cover Letters for Jobs

The procedure for writing cover letters is quite simple, but can be intimidating. It may seem an easy task if you have written an application letter before, but a challenge if this is your first letter. Here are essential things to gather and know how to write a cover letter for a job successfully;

  • Always address the letter to the person handling job applications. This is normally listed in the job advert, but if you are unsure of the right contact to address, do not dread to call the firm and ask for the name. You cannot be disqualified for showing initiative. Your address section should look like; Dear Mr. Kelly or Dear Mrs. Jonas (if you know the person) and, Dear Sir/Madam if you do not know the person.
  • The opening paragraph ought to be short and straightforward and expound why you are writing the letter. Include where you found the job advert. If someone referred you to the contact, make sure mention the name in this section.
  • In the second paragraph, expound why you are best fit for the job. Briefly describe your academic and professional qualifications that perfectly fit the job.
  • In this section, emphasize on what you can do for the firm. Expand on the relevant points in your resume. Indicate you would like to meet the employer for an interview.
  • Sign off with “Yours truly, sincerely or faithful and include your name.

Samples to help you know How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

For many job seekers, following the above tips on how to write a cover letter for a job is not enough to guarantee quality letters. Many rely on samples of cover letters to establish simpler ways of meeting the requirements of employers or job recruiters. Do not spend lot of time and energy thinking on where to start as you write a good cover letter. For great inspiration on what to incorporate in your cover letter or to format it suitably, here is a helpful sample;

11 June 20xx

            Recruiting manager

            CashD Media


            Job Reference: DNA/17

            Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with regards to the IT manager vacancy advertised in the daily Nation employers’ directory.

I hold a BA in Information Technology from the University of Manchester. I am looking to apply the knowledge I have acquired in the field over the years and the IT manager role at CashD Media provides this prospects.

I believe I met all the requirements outlined for the vacancy. During my studies I have amassed a lot of knowledge on how to deal with numerous information technology and related tasks. I took part in team projects, hence I can work as a part of any team and am confident in my communication capabilities.

I am experienced in internet marketing and working under pressure and this has made it easy to excel in this field. Throughout my career I have proven an amazing ability to back and maintain numerous business goals. I am seeking new challenges in the field and am eager to make use of my knowledge for the development of your organization.

I look forward to speaking to you to discuss my interest in working in your media firm. Thank you for your time and am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly


Johnnie Curry

It’s our hope that with the above details, it should no longer be a challenge to write a good cover letter.

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