How to Write the Correct Dissertation Format

How to Write the Correct Dissertation Format

  1. Chapters. Divide your dissertation into the main categories: introduction,  body, and conclusion. Break down the categories further to include the following: abstract. acknowledgment. table of content. introduction.Literature review.Methodology.Results & discussion



  2. Type of paper. Use good quality plain white paper formatted for A4. This is a standard regulation acceptable by most universities. Remember to leave margins for copying and binding purposes. If using Microsoft word, use ‘Setup for correct margins.
  1. Font. Font size 12pts, Times News Roman is acceptable for thesis and dissertations. Depending on your supervisor or institution’s guideless, the font may be less or greater than 12pts. It is always advisable to consult.
  2. Pagination. In the process of formatting your dissertation, remember to number the manuscripts. Placement of the numbers should be uniform for all pages and using the correct numbering as per the category. Consult your supervisor for guidelines on the same.
  3. Spacing. For chapters that include the Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, Findings, Results and Conclusion should be double spaced. Bibliographies, Footnotes, and Quotes may be single-spaced. The spacing however may differ depending on the type of dissertation format guidelines you use.

The above dissertation format guidelines should act as a guide whenever you write your dissertation. In case of problems, however, consult professional dissertation writers online.