How to Write a College Scholarship CV

How to Write a College Scholarship CV

Learning how to write a CV whether for a scholarship or for a job application is good practice because once you graduate from university you’ll need to apply for jobs. If applying for a scholarship or fellowship, most organizations will require a curriculum vitae (CV) or a resume detailing educational, achievements, and extra-curricular activities.

 When writing a college scholarship CV, keep in mind the following

–          Make it brief−not more than two pages. Use A4 white paper with an easy-to-read font like Times New Roman, font size 12. Avoid using artistic fonts as they will only make you sound like a joke.

–          Begin with your name and contact detail− use a reasonable email address, preferably one with your name, something that will make you look smart. Avoid using emails such as ‘’; this won’t make you look serious. Remember to keep checking your account just in case they use it to contact you.

–          List educational qualifications in reverse chronological order starting with the most current school, course, and exam results.

–          List roles in school−note leadership roles in school organizations, sporting activities, unions, etc.

–          List awards, certificates, and honors earned in school activities such as science competitions, extracurricular activities, etc.

–          Note working experience, charity work, and part-time jobs, etc, anything that will add value to your college scholarship CV is welcome.

–          List down any skills including fluency in any foreign languages, sign language, etc.

–          Lastly, provide reference person names and contact information. At least provide two people that know you personally and academically but not your relatives.

Often due to the intricate nature of a CV, graduates are always advised to hire professional services from college scholarship CV writers. There are plenty of CV writing services on the internet providing a variety of resume writing services including resume writing, consultation, and advice.