How to Write a Character Reference Letter

How to Write a Character Reference Letter

The notion that every person should be well acquainted with how to write a character reference letter is not a preference. Writing is not an area that many people fancy and more so a character reference letter. A character reference letter is a piece written by a person who knows you well and can easily write about your character.

Writing this letter is not easy as it is essential for big life occasions that include; a new job, scholarship, home purchase or child custody. It is astute to seek help if stuck on the way or cannot find the best writer. Also known as personal recommendation letters, character reference letters can be written by business associates, friends, customers, colleagues and neighbors among others.

Guidelines to help you know how to write a character reference letter

With an apparent comprehension on what a character reference letter is all about, it is wise to know what to include in your letter, the tone to use, the contents that make this letter stand out, its significance and much more. Many writers tackling their first letters are not cautious and end up presenting letters that are below par.

Writing has never been an easy task, but there is good news for those set to achieve their goals. Tutors and skilled writers can offer guidelines on how to produce quality papers. Writing personal recommendation letters is a common topic in learning institutions and tutors can offer the best processes and tips. In case of a job opening, it is wise to inquire from colleagues or friends who have relied on these letters to ease their way through into the job market. They can recommend you to the best character reference letters writers out there. Friends or classmates can also guide you to the best place to seek help learn how to write a character reference letter.

A good writer should not rush into the writing process. It takes time to produce a good piece as you have to identify the core facets that make up a good character letter. Here are a few things to consider while writing a worthy character reference letter;

  • Always include positive attributes about the person being addressed. Every person as at least two exceptional qualities that can be mentioned.
  • Should be recently dated. An outdated reference letter will not meet its requirements
  • Have the referee’s names and address. This is a letter written by a person who knows you well or you share certain experiences.
  • Should be short and to the point. The writer should not include any irrelevant content that cannot sell you to a company or present great openings.
  • Professionally presented. A poorly written and presented reference letter will do more harm than good.
  • General quality of the letter reflects on the subject of the character reference letter.
  • If writing on behalf of a company, ensure you are acting in your authority embracing the official letterhead. If not authorized; which is rare, write one in a personal capacity on your personal letterhead.
  • Always keep in mind the saying “if you cannot say anything good, do not say anything”. Any praise on the subject relies on your own personal feelings.

The Structure of a Good Character Reference Letter

A few friendly and honest words from a former tutor, employer or neighbor can make a difference in your life and in diverse ways. To land in a well-paying and comfortable job or a prestigious learning institution or beautiful house, a positive character reference letter attached to other documents that you have can mean a lot. The structure of your reference letter is what your referee has to work hard on building. With a great structure in mind, how to write a character reference letter remains a mere issue in your endeavors.

There is no formal structure for a character reference letter that is easy to get or find carved in a stone. Structural resolutions have improved over time. The common facets that cannot miss in a reference letter include;

  1. The letter has to start off with a greeting.       In case the recipient is not known, the writer normally commences with “To Whom It May Concern” at the top of the page.
  2. Incorporate the name of the person the letter is about
  3. The purpose of the letter should follow and then the referee will expound on whom he or she is writing about.
  4. The referee has to expound on how he or she knows this person in question. A few sentences that cover how they know each other, their experiences and much more are sufficient.
  5. The writer or referee ought to concentrate on qualifications, skills, capabilities and know-how of the person in question. All the descriptions should be positive and heartfelt.
  6. A short summary of the person the letter is all about should end the piece. The writer can close with personal contact information.

More tips on how to write a Character Reference Letter with ease

From the aforementioned details, it is apparent that a character reference letter is an important document. This emphasizes that a lot of caution ought to be taken while writing this piece of work. For fresh writers handling their first reference letter, it is smart to take advantage of collective and fundamental tips on how to write a character reference letter from those who have written this kind of letter beforehand. Below are a few guidelines to stick by;

  • Familiarize yourself with the task at hand. If it’s a personal recommendation letter for a job vacancy, talk to the person in question and inquire more about the position. The more details you get, the easier it will be to draft your letter and meet the needs of both parties.
  • As a writer, you have to inform yourself about the subject you are recommending. Learn about his or her goals, available posts or scholarship opportunities. Make sure that the reference letter is comprehensive, specific and detailed and make the writing process easier.
  • Explain how you know the person and for how long you have known or worked with him or her.
  • Make comparisons by putting the person’s in question achievements into standpoint. Expound in what respect the person stands out above others with a similar background.
  • Emphasize on the core things that you want the reader to note. Be thorough and elaborative.
  • Ensure the ending is perfect, detailed and strong, but do not overdo it. You may sound dishonest or biased of you oversell your subject.
  • Embrace a business closing and sign your name. Use words such as sincerely, yours faithfully, thank you and best regards among others.
  • Proofread and edit the letter to make it more perfect and convincing. Discard any spelling, grammar and punctuation flaws.

With the above tips on how to write a character reference letter, it is wise to also look a few things not to incorporate in your letter. For instance;

  • Avoid mentioning your subjects flaws
  • Do not include any irrelevant details on the subject
  • Any puns, slangs or casual languages are inappropriate in this letter.

Despite going through the abovementioned useful tips on how to write a character reference letter, many writers or referees find it intimidating to produce quality letters. Nevertheless, a few examples provided below present an insight on what your reference letter should look like or entail;

Personal reference letter


To whom it may concern

I have known Maria Doug in many capacities for years. She has been my son’s driving tutor for the last few years. On top of this, she is my associate in a small-scale venture where she writes, edits articles and web content.

Maria is organized, courteous, and quite competent in all undertakings.

I recommend her for any position or endeavor that she may hope to undertake. In case of any questions do not dither to contact me.

Best Regards


Esther Kuolo

Personal job recommendation letter


To whom it may concern

Heckler Pleat has been a nun for my 10 year old twins for the last two years and she has proven to be exceptional responsible.

I have been amazed by her excellent skills to handle kids, teach them and cater for them. She is kind, responsible, caring and mature.

I will be glad if she could easily land a job in any place. For any clarification, do not hesitate to reach me.



Maiden Karugh

More reference letters


To whom it may concern

I confirm that I have known Gigi King for 15 years.

We are close friends and share a business and we have been working in the same corporations for five years.

I have always found him to be hard working, caring, devoted, and honest and a team player. Given chance he can improve any firm’s status.

I am happy to offer further details if required.

Thank You


Maidana Pacquoy

From the above examples of character reference letters, we ascertain; that your letter should have a valid date and start off with greetings. The names of people being recommended should also be included. Qualifications, skills and other traits of the people in question have been included in the three letters also. The writers have also closed the letters with personal contact details.

We hope from the above information you now know how to write a character reference letter without any complications. All the best as you settle down to write one.


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