How to Write a Business Letter

How to Write a Business Letter

Knowing how to write a business letter is a very important experience that you have to undergo in order to deliver better performance in academics. Contrary to what most students often think, writing a business letter is not only important for the completion of academic requirements. The knowledge will also help you later in your career life. However, you can only be successful if you know how to write an outstanding business letter.

The first step towards knowing how to write an impeccable business letter is defining what this kind of letter is and also what it entails.

What is a Business Letter?

A business letter usually refers to a letter that is written between companies, organizations or people doing business together. However, it should be noted that the content of such letters often vary from one party to another. For instance, a business letter can be written by a retailer or wholesaler to a manufacturer requesting supplies. Besides, a company may also write a business letter to offer an apology for a wrong committed to clients.

Based on the above, there is no doubt on the importance of business letters. Since it creates a permanent written record, the letter can be quite useful when it comes to reference purposes. Besides, knowing how to write a business letter will also greatly improve your communication skills.

Guidelines on how to write a business letter

In order to know how to write a business letter that can significantly enhance your performance academically and future career, carefully read the guidelines that we have outlined herein.

  • Know the writing format

It should be noted that a business letter is an official letter and has to be written according to a particular format in order to maintain the standards. It is recommended that you type and compose the letter in common fonts like Arial or Times Roman. However, you may also use an alternative format if the policy of your organization or company requires so. However, the letter must be formatted in a way that can be read and understood by the recipient without any problem.

In case you are printing the letter, it is advisable that you use the organization’s letterhead. Even business letters that are emailed are supposed to be composed in a common font and also bear the company’s letterhead.

In writing business letters, it is also important that you avoid using other script or colors apart from black and white.

  • Always give the identity of the company

In writing a business letter, you should never assume that the recipient knows the sender. Always ensure that company name and address are clearly shown in the letter, preferably at the top. In case you are self employed or acting in the capacity of a private contractor, it is advisable that you also include your identity or name with that of the company.

  • Include information about the recipient

It is also of importance that you include the identity of the recipient in the letter. Write the full names and even the title of the recipient. Besides, the information regarding the company that the letter is addressed to should also be included with each clearly presented. If necessary, it is also advisable that you include reference number.

  • Clearly indicate the date

Since letters are often used for reference, it is always important that you include the date of writing or sending the letter.

  • Choose a salutation

The way you address the recipient of the letter always determines the way in which the message therein will be received. The salutation to be used will be based upon whether you know the person addressed in the letter, how well you know them and the level of formality that exists in the relationship that you share.

In case you do not know the person you are addressing the letter to, it is advisable that you use the salutation, ‘To whom it may concern.’ However, ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ is also a better choice in such a situation.

If you know the recipient of the letter, you can use their title and last name like, ‘Dear Dr. Adams.’ On the other hand, you can also use the recipient’s fist name if you share an informal relationship.

Every salutation must be followed by a comma.

  • Draft a business letter with good content

This is a critical part in knowing how to write a business letter. The body of the letter is the means that will relay the information that you wish to share with the person on the other end. One thing that you should note is that after salutation, it is important to write the subject of the letter. This should be in block or capital letters. However, some letters lack the subject. If the letter is to be emailed, there is always a place where you will include the subject.

Most people who are in business do not like time wastage; therefore, you have to be brief and professional in both tone and content. Avoid enticing phrases and lengthy statements but hit directly into the matter or basis of writing.

Try to keep your comments short and limited to the first paragraph. Besides, it is also advisable that you avoid being passive.

When writing the letter, always be concise and clear in every point so that the recipient does not have to struggle getting what you are saying. If the message is crystal clear, there are chances that you will often get quick responses.

It is also important that a business letter is very professional and should not be written with slang or other words that are not appropriate in the field of business. However, you should also not use vocabularies that will give the recipients a hard time in trying to understand.

Courtesy is also very important in writing business letters regardless of the matter that is being addressed therein. Stay humble without losing the objective of the letter.

  • Tie up loose ends and close the letter formally

Try to explain your points in few words while making sure that the intended information is passed as required. In the last paragraph, clearly outline your course of action or expectation following the receipt of the letter.

When ending the letter, you should also choose a salutation that will show respect and formality. The phrases, ‘Yours Sincerely’ or ‘Sincerely’ are appropriate for closing business letters. However, you can also use, ‘Regards’ or ‘Respectfully’ can also do the trick.

After you are through with writing the letter, do not hurry to send it without going through the entire copy. This is important in ensuring that you edit the paper well to avoid wrong spellings, grammatical mistakes or false information.

In order to present the information in proper order, it is always advisable that you first create a draft or outline of how the letter should appear from the start to end.

Business Letter Examples

Examples to help you know how to write a business letter

The samples of business letters that we have given on the links below will also help you on how to write a business letter in the right way that is expected.

  • A good business letter example is here.

From this link, the writer has been able to give a comprehensive illustration on the steps for writing a business letter. Besides, every step is well illustrated with a template showing how each section of the letter should be crafted to completion.

The writer has also been able to showcase how to write business letters on different subjects. For instance, the sample letters given here are on subjects about shipment of products, termination of partnership contract among others

  • Another example of a business letter is here

In this page, you will be able to find a professionally crafted format that should be followed when writing a business letter.

It is important that you refer to this link since it will also show you how to go about writing business letters with different indentation formats. Besides, you will also see how the guidelines highlighted above have been applied in writing the samples.

  • If you click on on this link, you will also be able to find professionally written business letter samples to refer to.

From this page, you will see that the author has managed to give comprehensive information regarding the way in which business letters should be written.

The illustrations on this page are quite unique since they are devoted to various kinds of business letters and correspondences to refer to in writing. Apart from just information on how to go about crafting different business letters, you will also find typical samples and templates that you can download free of charge for further reference.

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