How to use a CV Template

How to use a CV Template

Getting CV templates, samples and examples are now much easier as they can be downloaded freely on the internet. There are thousands of websites that offer free CV templates designed for various purposes. Whether looking for a job, scholarship, or college admission, there is always a template suited just for your needs.

CV samples and templates often look alike and it’s possible to have more than one CV looking similar to another. This makes it difficult for employers to distinguish between applicants. An original CV however stands out from pre-formatted ones. Most recruiters therefore strongly recommend not using CV templates and samples.

However, a CV template can also be very useful.

–          Helps in understanding the general appearance of excellent curriculum vitae.

–          Provides insight on the kind of writing styles used by job seekers for different job groups as well as the standards.

–          Helps understand how to format CV correctly so that the admission committee can find what they are looking for immediately.

–          It can also be used as a guideline when sourcing for information to include and what to avoid.

The admission committee will judge you as per the appearance of your CV. If it looks similar to others, lacks originality and creativity, you may not get the interview. Note that besides academic qualifications, recruiters are also interested in assessing your creativity.

Remember that your CV is just one among thousands. Recruiters cannot go through every page of your CV because they must also go through others. And therefore, they will only concentrate on your first page and peruse through other pages. Make sure that your introduction is as captivating as possible.

Stand out from the crowd, avoid using CV templates and you will be guaranteed a job interview. Alternatively, seek help from a professional CV or resume writer online and get it written excellently within a short period.