How to Publish a Book

How to Publish a Book

Knowing how to publish a book is very important for anyone wishing to be an author. Book publishing refers to a process via which literature or information is produced and disseminated via a book- It is the act of availing information to the public through a book. To some people, publishing a good book is one of their greatest achievements in life. Although the process of getting a book published can be challenging, the most important thing is to ensure that you have taken the best manuscript to the publisher or agent. Basically, publishing a book requires research, patience and perseverance. However the final product is worth the effort.

How to publish a book in two basic steps

  • Prepare the book for publication

This is the major step towards publishing a book. You need to know whether to come up with a proposal or a manuscript. Fiction writers prepare a comprehensive manuscript. However, non-fiction writers prepare a solid proposal for a book. It is important that you know the exact kind of a book that you want to publish. Seasonal fiction writers can get a publishing contract with an agent by simply writing a few chapters. However, if you are planning to venture into fiction writing business, complete your entire book before moving to the publishing stage. Non-fictional writers should complete their book by following the proposal.

  • Revise the book

Once you have prepared the book, you need to revise it. This can be trickier than even completing it. However, after writing a thriller or a historical novel you need to revise it to ensure that it is in good shape before you take it to a publishing house or to an agent. Unfortunately, this is one of the steps that some people do not take seriously when learning how to publish a book.

While revising the book:

  • Make it more engaging so that it can hook readers throughout.
  • Remove unnecessary wordiness. Most debut novels are not accepted by most agents if their word count is more than 100,000 words.
  • Communicate your points clearly and effective whether for a science fiction or romance novel.
  • Ensure that ideas and information flows logically
  • Get a second opinion

You might think that your book is perfect but this could be wrong. It is therefore important to seek the opinion of another writer. You can also seek the opinion of a trusted professional, an avid reader, a person that is knowledgeable about the subject, or reputable editor. Seeking a second opinion about your book is very important because it enables you to avoid getting your book rejected by a publishing house or agent.

  • Revise your book further

After getting feedback, take it seriously and make necessary corrections. To do this, take some of your time to consider the given feedback. The most effect approach is to keep the manuscript away for some time and then revise it after some weeks or a month.

  • Prepare the book

After preparing the book properly so that it can meet the necessary requirements of the publishers or agents, check the sites of different publishers or agents to determine if your book meets their set standards. For instance, most publishers require the manuscripts to be double-spaced with a one-inch margin on both the right and left-hand side. Fancy fonts are also not accepted by most publishers and pages should also be numbered. You should also prepare a cover page for your book-

  • Choose between an agent and a publisher

Reaching a publisher directly can be difficult for some writers. However, even signing a contract with an agent can also be challenging. If you face difficulties while trying to reach a publishing house, try to work with an agent. If several agents reject your manuscript, it also possible that publishers will reject it- Nevertheless, the major benefit of contacting a publisher directly is that you will not pay a middleman or the agent. However, most publishing houses believe that agents screen submissions before forwarding them. Thus, if you do not use an agent, publishing houses are unlikely to give you consideration.

  • Publishing the book

There are three main ways of publishing a book that you should know when learning how to publish a book.

These are:

  1. Publishing a book through a publishing house
  2. Publishing a book through an agent
  3. Self-publishing a book

Publishing a book through an agent

To publish a book through an agent, you need to conduct a research of the market. Find out more about the requirements of different agents. A good agent should understand your material or manuscript. The agent should also be interested in working with you throughout including assisting you in marketing the book. Before you contact an agent, prepare a blurb that will tell the agent what exactly your book is about.

Let the agent know the genre of your book and why you have chosen them to publish your book. The agent will take your book if it interests them. If the agent gives you a contract that you like, sign it. Additionally, revise the book with your agent before it is taken to a publishing house. Once your book is published, start marketing it.

How to publish a book through a publishing house

To publish a book via a publishing house, you need to conduct a research of the available publishers. Write an inquiry letter and send it to the publishers. If a publisher accepts the book, enter a contract with them. Revise the book with the editor of the publishing house that you choose. After the book is published, market it as you wait for the publisher to release it.

Self-publishing a book

There are several self-publishing companies that you should conduct research about. Once you find a company that works best for you, create your account with it. Write a book using a program like Microsoft Word which is accepted by most self-publishing firms. Choose the type and size of the book that you want. Once you have completed these steps, avail your book to the market. Also promote your book to the target market. You can start with family members and friends. This will increase the number of people who purchase your book.

Determining the best way to publish a book

If you have personal goals that you want to accomplish by working with a publishing house, you should work with a publishing house or agent. If you cannot contact or reach a publisher on your own, use an agent. An agent will guide you throughout the process if they like your manuscript. If you are publishing more books, self-publishing might be ideal for you because this will make your books accessible to a larger audience. If your manuscript is time-sensitive, self-publishing is ideal for you because commercial companies take even 18 months to publish a book- Nevertheless, if you have a way of contracting with a publishing house with ease, it is advisable to work with a publishing house.

Four basic tips on how to publish a book

To get a book published with ease, there are four tips that you need to follow.

These are:

  1. Determine the commercial potential of your work

The commercial potential of a book depends on the probability of having it purchased by more people- As such, you need to conduct market research to determine what people want to read so that you can come up with a book that they will find interesting. This will make marketing your book easier. More people will also be interested in buying and reading your book.

  1. Determine your category or genre

This entails determining your passions, the available materials and commercial potential. Know the basics of the category or genre that you choose. It is also important that you choose a topic that you find engaging or interesting for your book.

  1. Conduct thorough research of the publishers and agents

This is very important because some publishers and agents are better than others. Choose an agent or publisher that seems enthusiastic about working with you. Additionally, choose an agent that understands your category or genre because this will make working with them easier.

  1. Read the manuscript’s submission guidelines of the publishers or agents

Quality is the most important aspect of a book. Therefore, read materials in your genre, keep practicing your craft and then polish your work. Before you start sending your manuscript to the publishers or agents, read their submission guidelines- This will enable you to come up with a manuscript that will easily be accepted by the publishers or agents.

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