How to Proofread PhD Dissertation

How to Proofread Ph.D. Dissertation

Once your Ph.D. dissertation is complete, remember to edit and proofread the content before submission. You can choose to do it yourself or have a qualified editor do it for you. For the former, you’ll need the right editing skills to know how to proofread a Ph.D. dissertation.

Proofreading involves checking for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. It also entails checking for accurate and consistent formatting (referencing) as well as clarity of ideas. Fluency of language is also very important and thus your content should portray eloquence in writing English. A Ph.D. dissertation written in English should therefore not contain different English usages (the UK and US English for instance.) In short, when editing and proofreading a Ph.D. dissertation, you must read through the paragraphs for clarity and logicality.

Editing however is much more intense than proofreading because it involves rewriting, altering, adding, and eliminating information. Proofreading on the other hand basically focuses on grammar and sentence construction.

Unlike editing, proofreading is much easier and can be done by a fellow student or by the use of proofreading software. Having a proofreader to check your Ph.D. dissertation therefore will not change the content, rather proofreading will only correct grammar.  Editing however is much detailed; better left to professionals. If you don’t trust your English, hire an editor to look at it.

As part of editing and proofreading a Ph.D. dissertation, check that the document has a Tables content page, abstract, introduction page, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, bibliography, and appendices.

Most universities provide students with tips, guidelines, and samples on how to proofread a Ph.D. dissertation. It is always advisable to consult with the University for proper guidelines-not that requirements differ from one university to another.

Editing and proofreading a Ph.D. dissertation help increase your chances of getting the best grades.