How to Excel in Writing Dissertation Coursework

How to Excel in Writing Dissertation Coursework

Dissertations are papers written in support of a given thesis. A candidate writes dissertations in support of their candidature for a certain degree course. Dissertations are written on a particular topic and thesis statement. They are also based on theories related to the particular matters under discussion.

To score top grades, you must be careful when selecting a topic. To select a topic, there must be a basis. The basis for every topic is instructions. The lecturer offers instructions. Pay careful attention before selecting a topic, because the lecturer might require you to do revisions if it is not satisfactory.

Sometimes, the selection should be made from a list of topics. When selecting a topic from a list or coming up with one, make sure to select the easiest to discuss. Make sure you understand them and that the theories involved are not too complex. Complex topics make it difficult and you might spend a lot of time on them.

In addition, if the topic is complicated, you are likely to miss the quality of content. Remember, the level of quality of content dictates how many marks you earn from the lecturer.

Make sure to select topics that have materials for discussion. Try doing some initial investigation to discover if those topics are familiar among many authors around the world. If not, they are likely to lack material to support your thesis. Therefore, opt for topics that are common.

However, do not err by not looking for a problem to solve within the research field in question. Remember, research is targeted at solving a particular research problem. If not so, research is worthless. In fact, you do not go ahead and duplicate research problems from other studies: you must try and be as original as possible.