How to Edit a Dissertation

How to Edit a Dissertation

Before submitting a dissertation, it’s important to edit and proofread the document for absolute clarity in writing. As a capstone of your academic career, a dissertation represents years of in-depth reading and hard work. Editing, therefore, assists smoothen the transition to a successful post-doctoral career.

Dissertation editing basically helps organize content in an amiable and readable language. Editing should take care of the following

Grammar– grammatical errors include spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, wrong sentence structure, wrong order of words, run-on sentences, fragmented sentences, improver use of verbs,  no subject-verb agreement, vague and ambiguous sentences as well as other grammatical sentences.

Logic– errors in logic basically stem from errors in grammar. These include the use of the wrong vocabulary, wrong order of words, the inconsistent flow of ideas, run-on sentences weak verb usage, etc.

Voice and style– it’s not enough to correct grammar, your style of writing and voice also affects the sound of the document structurally. Remove or replace awkward sentences and phrases with clear and precise ones. Use the right formatting style and this will help improve consistency and professionalism.

Coherence– to improve the flow of your ideas and paragraphs, you’ll need to use transistors or transition phrases between ideas and paragraphs or where needed. Transistors help strengthen links thus helping improve coherent support for your arguments.

Proofreading– Once you’ve completed dissertation editing, the next process would be to proofread it. Go through the passages one more time to ensure that all errors are corrected, verbs are in agreement, punctuations are correct and the paper generally looks professional.

If not confident editing your own dissertation, hire a professional to do it. You can easily find affordable dissertation editing online today with just a click of your computer mouse.

Whichever option you choose, editing a dissertation is important.