How to Choose a Good CV Format

How to Choose a Good CV Format

When writing curriculum vitae, it’s important to use a CV format that will represent you well in the job market. There are a number of formats used when laying out a Cv. These include:

  1. Performance CV

Generally, performance CV is the most commonly used CV format because it works best for most job industries. In this format, employment history is displayed in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent job. Company names and job titles should be displayed clearly with duties and achievements explained under each title.

  1. Functional CV

This type of CV format emphasizes the functions and achievements of your career. It is, therefore, suitable for persons with varied career choices or for those who wish to change their career path. Unlike Performance CV, company names and job titles are given less dominance.

  1. Targeted CV

This type of CV format highlights your skills, abilities, and achievements that are relevant to the job profile. It is also suitable for those planning a change in career. It also works for those who have had enormous experience in different jobs and would like to emphasize skills learned.

  1. Alternative CV

This sort of CV works best for people pursuing creative careers such as writing, art, fashion designers, architecture. It is not suitable for persons looking for managerial and executive positions. If your job requires exceptional talent with the use of visual mediums, then an alternative CV is perfect.

Each of these formats has its advantages and disadvantages and best suits a specific job market. Before you begin writing your CV choose a suitable CV format. Alternatively, seek professional assistance from expert CV and resume writers.  A good CV should present your qualifications, achievements, honors, awards, and interests highly.