How to a Write Self-Performance Review

How to a Write Self-Performance Review

Are you wondering about how to write a self-performance review? Well, evaluating oneself can be a daunting task. If this task scares you at the end of every year, then it is time to get that fear as soon as possible. A self-performance review or a self-appraisal is a process that allows employees to give personal analysis of their strengths and weaknesses within the context of a formal performance evaluation. Having a self-performance will allow discuss what you have achieved, share new skills and ideas with colleagues and remind your employers of their contribution to the success of the business.

A self-performance review will help you prove to your manager that you understand the areas, in which you need to improve. Even though most people avoid mentioning their weaknesses, great managers and leaders respect juniors who are able to identify their shortcomings at work. Assuming that you are too perfect in all aspects of your job is being shortsighted.

Having the skills to write a personal performance review is vital because of the value it adds to your career in the end. This article has all you need to know.

Guiding Steps on How to Write a Performance Review

Since you understand your strengths and weaknesses in the context of your job description, mastering the art of how to write a self-performance review should not be a problem. Appreciate the purpose of the exercise and hit the road. However, before that, here are the steps to make your work easier.

Share your successes. To have a great performance review of yourself, revisit the feedback from the previous evaluation process, the projects you have completed and the programs you have launched. A good step towards keeping track of your performance is having a performance journal. This will help you carry out a though self-performance review in a year’s time.

In this example of a performance review, the employee talks about working closely with the website designer and content contributors to realize quality marketing content.


Instructions: How did you work with web designers and content developers?

Employee score: 5

I have been working closely with our content department for the last one year. For this reason, the company has realized increased revenue from the website. We also have a regular marketing approach.”

Employer Feedback:

The company has realized remarkable growth in this area because of Mary’s focused approach towards content development of our website. Good job!”

This section of the appraisal allows the employer to state their achievements, in line with their core duties in the organization.

For more details of the self-performance review by clicking here.

State what you have learned: When figuring out how to write self-performance review, look at different ways in which you have enhanced your knowledge and skills. Identify any new skills, which you have acquired and how they have influenced your career development.

Share your Challenges. Be candid about the obstacles at your place of work. Describe the steps you undertook to overcome the challenges.

Be sincere. Do not decorate your achievements. Think hard before you give your ratings. Your employer will expect you to support your ratings with evidence.

Take your time. Do not rush over your appraisal. Take time and give a thorough evaluation of yourself. After all, the appraisal is about you. Make use of all the space in the evaluation form to tell your story.

What to Remember When Writing a Winning Self-Performance Review

Knowing how to write a self-performance review is important in becoming a competitive employee at work. It puts your ahead because you evaluate yourself and make adjustments to meet the organizational goals and objectives. This task requires that you understand the following:

  • Appraisal empowers you. By writing a performance review, you focus on performance overtime; identify your weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in your department or field.
  • Focus on your behavior. The better you understand your behavior and competences relating to your job, the better for you in hitting targets. You cannot be the best employee if you do not know yourself.
  • Allows healthy discussions with your boss. From the appraisal, you develop good relationships with your manager, which go a long way in adding value to your career. Your employer will want to make you a better employee in the organization if your reveal who you are.


Since I rose to the position of sales and marketing a year ago, the company has recorded a steady increase in sales, especially in the last two quarters. We have maintained a conversion has not gone below 70%. At departmental level, we have met segment goals at a rate of 80%, the highest mark in the region.

These results are attributed to my strategies in driving sales, which I have brought to the company. Currently, our focus is not only selling products, but also an idea. We do not just need great services but consistently great.

I look forward to another great quarter and coming up with different ways of having unsurpassed brand in the market.

From this sample self-performance review, the employer states the achievements, new ideas, better results, and the dreams in future. Here is the full appraisal.

How to write a self-performance review that will make a difference

Not every personal evaluation adds value to your job, especially if important elements of an appraisal are missing. Give an evaluation that reflects your identity as an employee of the organization. Here is what you should know to have a grip of how to write a self-performance review that will leave everyone at your workplace recognizing your effort and contribution.

  • Highlight the highlights. This is the time for your boss to know what you have been doing for the last review period. Boast with grace, naturally and with diplomacy. Do not use this self-performance review to put down any of your colleagues. The review is about you, not someone else. Take look at this example of how to write a self-performance review comment:

In the last one year, I have worked toward bettering my teamwork skills. Upon completing a teamwork 101 course, which took two days, I gained understanding of team dynamics and ways of playing a major at my area of work.” Retrieved from:

In this self-appraisal review, the employer captures his efforts in becoming a productive team player through efforts like undertaking relevant courses.

Mention your achievements in the performance appraisal period. It is possible that your boss cannot recall the projects you completed and your overall participation. Go back to the files, emails and any other record that captures your accomplishment.

Do not be stuffy in your review. The purpose of a self-performance review is to foster better working relationships with your employer. If possible, write your evaluation with a conversational style. Be as natural as possible.

Get feedback from colleagues. The people you work with closely understand your performance more than any other person in the organization does. Solicit their honest opinions about your performance as a team member. However, be cautious of any comments likely to hinder a successful review of yourself, including overly negative feedback.

Key elements of a self-performance review to remember

As an employee, always be ready to evaluate yourself. Employers carry out this exercise to establish your position in the company. To give a winning review, here are two components to consider.

Give as honest feedback as possible: In most cases, the instructions of an appraisal will ask you about how well you performed your duties in relation to expected goals. When stating your weakness, be sure to discuss reasons behind your inability to hit the target. This may include lack of enough training or your slow adaptation to new technological systems at work. As you work out on how to write a self-performance review, do not focus at impressing your employer but rather, be sincere with your answers.

Sample Self-performance review comment:

I failed to recruit and train at least two marketing assistants as it was expected. This was because of shortages in staff and insufficient time to address issues of training and recruitment. However, I managed to hire one marketing assistant last month who is undergoing training now. We are still in the process of hiring the second person.”


In this review comment, the employee is sincere about his performance. He is clear that he did not meet the target of the company of hiring two marketing assistants. However, he states the reason behind this, i.e. shortage of staff and lack of enough time. Besides, he updates the employer on how much they did as a department and achievements so far, having hired one assistant, who is under training.

  • Give overall ratings about your performance. To master how to write a self-performance review, you must be able to rate yourself during the appraisal period. Capture met expectations, exceeded targets, or those that fell below the expectations. These comments should help the management to develop a plan to better the performance of employees. Such plan should encompass goals that relate to the achievements of the individual.

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