Hospitality Essay Paper on Planning a Career Fair

Planning a career fair

A career fair is an event where job seekers and recruiters meet to exchange various information about career or employment opportunities. The exposition may lead to some employers recruiting during the event, but the main focus is that students or job seekers explore a wide range of careers. Normally, schools offering tertiary education such as colleges and universities organize career fairs for their students so that they keep them aware of the opportunities that lie ahead of them. While the schools host the expo events and target students as the audience, other career fairs can be out of schools whereby they may be organized by government or non-government bodies aiming to promote employment for the public. However, for the job fair to be a success, it ought to be planned appropriately.

 The planning starts with identifying the purpose of the career fair; goals and objectives should be identified prior to the event. The goals should consider the needs and expectations of the stakeholders; employers and job seekers, and be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), as well. Next is to determine the possible expenses and total cost of pulling off the fair. The cost may include advertising and hiring workers and facilities. The planner then ought to find a good location of a venue which should be large and comfy to accommodate all the visitors and audience to be invited.

The career fair host may want may want to enhance convenience during the event hence the planning may involve preparing welcome kits and identification tags. These would enable the audience to identify the employers easily in their booths.  Most importantly, the planner would want to communicate about their forthcoming event of which if they don’t, they may achieve a small attendance. Communication strategies, therefore, would be advertising in the local daily and electronic media. Flyers could also be used and should be placed in public places where many people access. In university or college job fairs, internal memos and notes on notice boards could be used to communicate the intended event.