Homework Writing Help on Writing Goals Analysis Sheet

Part 1: Writing goals analysis sheet

            The reason why I am writing this memo is to present my branding strategy that will be useful for the remaining period at this prestigious Questrom School of Business. Therefore, I expect the readers of my memo to appreciate and to come to terms with my meaningful and exciting career plans for the purpose of successful future job search. The reader of my memo is a Field Career Coach. He will be reading it with the aim of evaluating the emotional and rational values that I have acquired during my time at the Questrom School of Business.

The Field Career Coach who is also my reader knows my exact rational and emotional values. Therefore, he would be in a position to evaluate my memo effectively. However, he needs to know the extent to which I would be able to improve my existing values within the remaining period. My main point is that I have acquired enough values that can effectively take me through my future career.

Part 2: Brainstorming questions

Fifteen questions the reader might ask.

  • What is your name?
  • Do you consider the time you have spent in this institution a success and why?
  • What values have you acquired since you joint this institution?
  • Explain what rational and emotional values stand for?
  • Can you group the values you have acquired either as emotional or rational?
  • Which of the two values do you consider more important as compared to the other?
  • Which of the two values is easier to acquire and why?
  • What values are difficult to acquire and why?
  • What are the challenges did you experience while acquiring these values?
  • Are you comfortable with the values you have acquired?
  • What values do you think you can improve on?
  • Based on the remaining time, can you still acquire more values?
  • Do you think the values you have acquired are sufficient to take you through future job search?
  • By the time of your graduation, what values among the ones you have acquired do you think are least important?
  • According to you, what do you think should be done to improve the service delivery in this institution?

Part 3: memo


To:      Field Career Coach


Date:   April 15,2015

Re: Present ion of my personal branding strategy for my remaining time at the Questrom School of Business.

I do appreciate your constant assistance ever since I enrolled in this institution. Since I am about to graduate, I would request that you assist me in developing the rational and emotional values. The rational values that I would like to be assisted on are connected to the three-rationality concepts namely ecological, material, and logical. As for the emotional values, emotional states and emotional responses are integral aspects that I would wish to be assisted on. Therefore, the following are the rational and emotional values that I would want to have: efficiency, scale insensitivity, polarization, and self-control. The best way to achieve these values is to perform constant exercise.

The relationship between the rationality and emotion values can be evaluated through reviewing of the findings from a number of disciplines.  Two types of the emotion phenomenon are evident namely the emotional states and the emotional responses. Emotional states tend to have influence in the reasoning process. However, the value proxies characterize emotional responses. Moreover, it is important to note that both the rational and emotional values are responsible for the promotion of the social and moral behavior.