Homework Writing Help on Workplace Ethics and Code of Conduct

Workplace Ethics and Code of Conduct

            As an aspiring successful engineer, good code of conduct and work place ethics would ensure that I apply the best work practices in the engineering field. This means that I should practice various work ethics and professionalism in relation to work, managers, supervisors, and workmates. In relation to work, demonstrating ability to do things, expressing ideas, and striving for accuracy of statements are some codes of conduct I feel beneficial and memorable. First, demonstrating the ability to get work done involves being initiative, resourceful, and persistent. This means I should be able to start something and find ways to accomplish it despite the difficulties that may arise. For example, I can introduce a new lighting technology in a company and continue pursuing it despite difficulties, such as discouragements from other work mates.

            Expressing ideas is concerned with the ability of an individual to freely speak up and not just do what he or she is told. This means that I should be able to express my views whenever I can contribute something to the organization. As such, a manager would see me as an individual interested and capable of making positive contributions towards the development of the organization. Accuracy of statements involves being precise, concise, formal, honest, and objective when assigned projects. This means that I should give the exact information, use formal language, and avoid ambiguous statements when presenting projects. For example, presenting the correct, honest, and concise information regarding the best ways to improve output in textile production department would ensure realization of positive results. I would be able to influence an organization positively and professionally despite being a new employee.

            Furthermore, informing managers or supervisors of significant developments and choosing a supervisor would also promote work professionalism. Managers and supervisors should be constantly informed of every little detail that arises. This means that I should be able to provide my supervisor or manager with any development that may come up when assigned projects. Statements like ‘you always bother me with information’ show that I am constantly providing information to my seniors. In relation to choosing a supervisor, I would be able to have a mentor capable of guiding and advising me on the best ways to be productive and successful. On the other hand, I disagree that we should always do as told because managers are sometimes wrong. They are also prone to human errors.

            Socially, seeking opinions and recommendations from others cultivates a habit of good relations. As a beginner, I should be able to seek advice from workmates or colleagues. With such help, I can be able to make profound decisions regarding any matter in the workplace. Additionally, considering the fact that it is difficult to have a single employer the whole of my career, attending seminars, university classes, and short courses as formal training would ensure I have a long-term employability plan. Therefore, the above discussed codes and work ethics would ensure I fit into the job market easily.