Homework Writing Help on Whether Unfaithfulness amongst Married Couples is Justified

Article 1

Q1: “Is unfaithfulness amongst married couples justified?”

            Clarisse and Bobinot are very faithful to their spouses. However, Calixta and Alcee have an affair. Is their affair justifiable? Many marriages today suffer from unfaithfulness of spouses. Stable marriages are important. They boost the confidence and productivity of individuals. They also enhance proper and balanced upbringing of children.

Q2: “Husbands should honor their wives and not be terrified of them.”

            Bobinot has to come up with a memorized excuse to give the wife when he is late. It is normal to be unable to reach home on time due to weather conditions. Most importantly, they were safe. It is important for husbands and fathers to occupy their position of leadership in the family.

 Article 2

Q1: “False myths are a basis of communities behaving unrealistically.”

            The people of Omelas believed that the child that was locked up is the source of their success, peace and tranquility. We cannot divorce from our origins and traditions. However, it should be that we only hold onto what is reasonable and realistic. The Omelas should come to terms with the fact that, hard work brings success and not an emaciated child.

Q2: “Mistreatment of children is an abominable act.”

            The child described in the second article is in a sorry state. It has barely enough food to eat and cloths to wear. The child is locked up in a dark place. It is secluded from people and the nature. This question is important since it addresses the fact that children should be treated considerately. They should feel appreciated and cared for in the society. Otherwise, they could easily turn into rebels and heartless people.