Homework Writing Help on What Is Art and who is an Artist

What Is Art and who is an Artist

            Art is the evolution of knowledge; it is supplanting forceful and tradition skills to better and essential knowledge. Christian art is defined as the acquired knowledge of restoring man’s dignity. Through Christian art, the shame of luxury is evoked and the duty of man is restored. Christian art also embraces feelings, which are changed to incorporate the love of fellowship brothers and people in general.

An artist is an individual involved in activities associated with art. In the academic discourse, an artist is a practitioner involved in visual arts. In business, artists are people who often entertain people for money. An artist is a general term, which refers to the person who comes up with art, gets involved with the art as an occupation or a person skilled in a given activity. The name was first used around the sixteenth century by the European academies. They connected the applied and the fine arts. In the ancient Greek, nine different muses were used in place of the term artist. For instance, clio is a term used to refer to the muse of history. The painters and sculptors were lowly regarded and therefore were not part of the muses. In the middle ages, artists referred mostly to craftsmen. Presently, an artist is a term, which is qualitatively employed to refer to the highly skilled individuals in various fields, such as mathematics, law, and engineering. The main functions of the modern artists comprise creation of places for human purpose, creation of extraordinary elements from ordinary objects, and refreshing of vision for better visualization of the world.