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Third gender in the USA

Anthropology and sociology use the experiences of the third gender cultures to teach about different gender and sex constructions. Around the world, many cultures allow people to live beyond their convectional binaries. In other words, they can live without adhering to their biological sex. These individuals are normally revered, and are at times allowed to shift their gender (Karsten 112). The current paper will analyze the Two Spirit People who are a good example of the third gender in USA. It will explain the purpose served by the Two Spirit people, their culture, perception within the culture, and how the values of the culture justify it.

The Two Spirit People are usually neither about sexual and gender politics nor their sexual preference. Instead, they are a symbol of honour in their cultures and societies. They normally take on husbands and wives of the opposite gender though not always. Some have varied experiences in sex with both women and men. They are however not classified as bisexual, homosexual, or transgender. In fact, they are perceived to have biological sex, which mismatches their spirit gender (Karsten 53). Additionally, they have special qualities of sensory because they taste, smell, hear, see, and feel things, which other people cannot. This is because they are perceived to be linked to their ancestors.

Furthermore, the Two Spirit people interpret vision and are peacemakers in their culture. They also live to honour the sacred, past and present living things. Therefore, their identity is not about gender or sexuality (Karsten 47). Their role only serves the community and social function with the aim of fulfilling religious and cultural duties. Elders choose the Two Spirit people to fulfil their roles.

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