Homework Writing Help on the Consumer Market

The Consumer Market

1. Managing success is one of the challenging tasks manager’s deals with in their day-to-day work. How would the managers of EBay Company manage its success?

2. Why is it important for eBay to change and grow with its customers?

Important For EBay to Change and Grow With Its Customers

EBay needs to grow with its customers so that it can be in a position to cater for the dynamic nature of its customers. This will help the company upgrade its systems and processes to meet the customer demands that are always changing. Furthermore, it would increase customer base for the company and increase the customer trustworthiness towards eBay. Managers of a firm are custodian of social capital. When the company invest more on social welfare it is able to enhance and facilitates the continuation of the business. Continuation of the business is very important to any organization because of the fact that future successes are assured. Social capital bestowed upon the business is the focal point for any success of the business.

This is the reason behind customer satisfaction and social welfare. Another major reason as to why firms should keep track of their customers is to maintain their customer base. Customer loyalty is built upon successive buying and selling which indicates that the customer is getting utility by consuming the product. EBay customers such as sellers, who use the website to sell their goods and services, continually use eBay because they are able to attain utility. In addition, eBay is able to solve problems that the customers may encounter when using their site. Solving of these problems will enhance smooth running of the business.