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Target SWOT Analysis

            Organizations use various tools to measure their effectiveness in a market against their competitors. One such tool is the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis focuses on examining specific market variables in a given market to help a firm generate possible strategic options (Bohm 1). This gauges the competitiveness of a given company in respect to how it can perform against its competitors. The research highlights the SWOT analysis of Target Corporation, one of the America’s largest retail Corporation. It consists of the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat attributes (Pahl et al 6).


Target store is known for a variety of items ranging from clothes, beauty accessories, electronics, and automotive supplies among others. This gives the firm a competitive edge due to product diversification, which increases its revues base, market share hence giving it the ability to compete favorably against its competitors.


The company suffers setbacks due to lack of capability of growing beyond its borders. It has over emphasized on the American market, hence not giving it a competitive edge compared to other competing brands such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart.


The company has immense opportunities due to its cost structure. This has the capability of improving its consumer base within the local communities, which would greatly improve its customer loyalty. On the other side, the organization has immense opportunity in the e-commerce platform due to strategic alliances with international merchants.


The company faces very stiff competition from known and well-established brands. This makes the company struggle in its operations due to the reputation that the rival giants, such as Wal-Mart have acquired in the market. The company also faces a major threat because it operates in a difficult economy, making its operations difficult compared to its rivals.

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