Homework Writing Help on Psychology


 Psychology is the study of the mind. It is a vital subject as it focuses on the center of all the activities that take place in our lives. It is our minds that guide us in making decisions and in finding out and pursuing the types of relationships and experiences that we involve in (Ramakrishnavivekananda.info, 2015). Psychology is also significant in the daily lives of individuals because it enables them to understand the behaviors of each individual.

The psychological theory that will be discussed is the attachment theory. This theory was developed by John Bowlby in 1958. The experience that he had while treating emotionally disturbed children made him to put into consideration the significance of the interrelationship between the mother and the child in terms of their cognitive, social, and emotional development (McLeod, 2015). According to Bowbly, attachment refers to an enduring psychological interrelationship between individuals. This theory states that the source of attachment is on provision of food; for instance, an infant will have a strong attachment to the person who gives him/her food. They learn how to interact with their care-giver, who, in most cases, is usually the mother.

 They also learn that some behaviors, for instance smiling and crying, can facilitate desirable responses such as comfort; the process of operant conditioning enables them to do these things so that they can obtain things the way they want (McLeod, 2015). I think this theory is accurate based on the fact that it tries to explain what takes place in the daily lives of human beings. Its accuracy is depicted in the fact of infants’ attachment towards individuals who feed them. A good example of this theory was when I was a child; I had an attachment to our house help because I spent most of the time with him than I did with my parents.


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