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Profile about a Classmate

Most of the time, just like now, Chris Vasquez always curdled his dog Chiwawa fondly and boisterously on his laps. Chris adored Chiwawa so much and was his companion every free time we had in elementary and high school. Cats too were and are also one of his favorite pets and he has a big and cute one back at home. Strangely enough, Chris had a secret admiration and liking for tigers and always wished to fondle one someday. Though hilarious to many and against the will of his parents back in elementary school, Chris vowed to get himself a tiger someday. However, Chris had an unwavering passion for Boston and he desired and wished to live the rest of life there. Being only 19 years old, his love for numbers and in essence mathematics was astonishing, to say the least. You know, back in the days, and even today, just uttering the word “math” to students attracted diverse feedbacks. I still remember all the reminiscences and poignant trauma caused by high school algebra and trigonometry among some pupils.

So by Chris loving numbers and mathematics, in general, he attracted friends and foes in equal measure. As some would say, “mathematics runs through his veins,” Chris decided to major in finance based on this deep affection to numbers. Chris remembers his life in high school with a lot of nostalgias, and though plausible and enjoyable to some extent, it didn’t go well with him in most situations. It is difficult, from my perspective, to describe Chris’s high school life as a “fail” due to the many positive attributes and perceptions his friends, and especially me had of him.

Being an athlete, well built and strong, Chris loved basketball and was cheered passionately by supporters and jeered wildly by opponents. He had posters all over his room for prominent NBA stars and legends, a proof of his basketball fanatical side. I must admit that Chris was a notorious troublemaker, and those who dared to cross his path have unpleasant stories to tell today. Some would argue that he took advantage of his huge build to bully fellow students, but well, if you rattle a snake, it sure will bite you. That is my take on the matter and is subject to discussion though. Despite the fact that Chris was not born in a fancy family, he had a unique taste and affection for fancy cars. Funny as it may sound, but he had picture collections of cars ranging from Lamborghini Aventador to Bugatti Veyron in his wardrobe. His ultimate dream was to ride and own an Aston Martin, and he vowed to save enough after starting to work to achieve this dream.

Chris still loves junk foods and is a frequent visitor at the sandwich joints on his way home from basketball practices. At only 19 years old, Chris’s love and passion for babies are astonishing and worrying to some extent given his age and secret love life. Occasionally, during his free time, Chris sometimes even volunteers to babysit a three-year-old neighbor’s son the whole day and draws pleasure and joy from doing so. Chris has kept his love life as secret as possible, and I must admit that I have no idea who he has ever dated or whether he has ever dated since Elementary school.

Notably, Chris Vasquez passionately detests science as a discipline, and he remembers with nostalgia his days back in the Chemistry laboratory. “I never loved chemistry, biology and all those stuffs related to science. They totally freaked me out! ”, he replies angrily. Though he seemed lazy and unconcerned to some, Chris is a very strict fellow. He fathoms laziness and time mismanagement and he is very explicit on honoring schedules and appointments. As the captain of our school basketball team, being late for practices would attract his furry and even possible dismissal from the team.

 Above all, deep inside, Chris is very much humble and hates inept and omniscient individuals. “Those people suffering from a superiority complex and who thinks they know everything is my worst enemies. I value humility and am a good listener too”, he summarizes. The experience Chris has never forgotten was one that made him hate bad drivers and bad driving. He was only fourteen-year-old then when that fateful incident occurred. Chris together with his friends was crossing a highway when an approaching car suddenly hit one of them. The friend died on the spot and from then, according to Chris; a bad driver was “a bad” in his life, and he still detest bad driving.

Chris has since vowed not to do anything stupid ever again and is more positive towards life in general. He is currently majoring in Finance at the University, and he is very passionate towards it. Chris hopes to get a vacation on the west coast, and a visit to any part of Europe in the near future is his top priority. “Who doesn’t dream of visiting Los Angeles or London?” he adds vaguely when I asked him why the two were his preferred destinations. After graduating, Chris dreams of working in a prestigious financial consulting company located in a skyscraper and at the front office desk.