Homework Writing Help on Product Branding and Packaging

Product branding and packaging

Decisions Companies Make on Their Products and Services

Every company makes conscious decisions on their individual goods and products. The decisions about the products and services offered indicate the most crucial judgement to determine the company’s future. The most crucial decisions made are described as follows:

Core benefit

It is the most essential level that concentrates on what the consumer really needs. In this case, when designing goods and services, companies first decide on the main problem solving benefits that consumers look for. The management decides on what products or services to offer in the market before other better product decisions concerning the product or service’s attributes, branding and packing, can be formed.

Actual product

This is the second decision whereby a company makes the core benefit decision into the actual product. Here, the company looks forward to developing goods and services that have features, design quality, brand name and other characteristics that when all combined together delivers the core benefit, which is convenient, high quality to capture imperative moments.

Augmented product

The third decision that a company makes on its products and services is to produce augmented product. The product planners decide to build an improved commodity by offering extra customer benefits. This is providing customers with resolutions to their potential problems. For instance, an organization can decide to offer warrant on their commodities.

Value of Brand Name in a Product

Brand name is used to build the recognition of a company because it is easy for people to identify a brand by its name, thus customers are likely to try the product if they have not before. A successful and effective brand name can give trustworthiness to an organization. Individuals are more expected to trust a business in any field it is participating when the brand name is popular and recognizable. Repetition helps to keep something in people minds. If consumers do not frequently need a product or service, brand name is made to be as impressive as possible. This enables consumers to remember the brand name first when they are in need of the product or service. Branding normally highlights what makes commodities or services different and attractive. Effective branding promotes a commodity from being only the goods among many identical products and to have a distinctive assurance and character. Thus, it creates an emotional meaning in the consumer minds who select goods and services by use of practical and emotional decision.

Role of packaging

Packaging has presently become a mirror, which vividly reveals the ideas and lifestyle of every generation. In early days, the most significant purpose of wrapping was to protect a product from problems which would arise during shipping and storage. Wrapping also protects commodities from spoiling, discolouring or oxidizing due to disclosure to bacteria, dirt, germs as well as other such aspects. Protecting commodities by packaging helps them in keeping their factory fresh taste and flavour. On the other hand, consumers choose products according to the way they are made easier for carrying, made more outstanding in appearance as well as made simple to unwrap and use. Packaging, through providing features like colourful design and printing, simple to handle, stunning exhibit and layout and sense of fashion and style improves the commercial demand of the product and form a highly reputable picture for the particular company.  Packaging has now become part of the commodities themselves, hence plays a vital function than just raising the appeal and value of a product. This provides consumers the ease of consuming the products at any place and time.