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Process Design Team


A company manufacturing process affects it performs in the market. The major aim of a particular company is to maximize its profit (Vergara, Rosario and Salle 78). Apple Inc is a quintessential venture that deals with high technology items, for example, computers and mobile phones. The manufacturing activities related to Apple Inc are unique in a number of ways.


Despite the fact that Apple Inc closely monitors its product development, it is not a manufacturing company but more of a design firm, for this reason it outsources its production to major companies. The most unique thing about the manufacturing process in this company is that every product starts with a design (Panzarino para. 3). According to Mathew Panzarino the designers at Apple Inc are very special and are treated like royalties, they have no contact with other departments and are termed as unlimited in consideration of the costs and the manufacturing practicalities (Panzarino para. 3).

            When the company decides to create a new product, a team is organized and separated from the rest of the company employees. This is done using secrecy agreements and to the extreme cases physical barriers. The purpose of doing this is to make start up barriers, to keep the team from distraction (Panzarino para.4).


            Apple Inc manufacturing process is immensely unique; this is evidenced by the tasks taken to ensure that the company guarantees the production of high quality products. The manufacturing process at Apple Inc starts with a design and the designers are considered as royal members of the company. When a startup is formed, the startup team is separated from the rest of the employees, which is done to free the team from the reporting structure of the company. The reason the above concepts are unique is because, they help Apple Inc not to perform in a fixed way.

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