Homework Writing Help on Observational Studies

Observational Studies

Psychology deals with the study of human behavior and diverse effects that the actions assumed can cause to the general individual lives. A number of studies have been carried out to ascertain human behaviors in relation to various environmental and other facets. Among the studies that have been carried out include studies by Elizabeth glazer foundation (egpaf) about fisher fox (Irwig& sweet, 1999).This study was carried out among population who lived along the lakes and their major economic income is fishing. The study revealed that the kind of the economic activities they engaged in influenced some of their behaviors along the lake. For example, the study manifested that there is high rate of prostitution due to women who need fish and traders having the tendency of exchanging sex for fish. This has influenced the behavior of FisherFoxs community.

Another behavior was drug addiction. Owing to the fact that fishing is majorly done at night, fishermen use drugs such as bang, alcohol and cigarettes to stimulate their bodies. This has led to the high rate of drug addiction along the lake region. EGPAF, which is an American based international NGO, carried out the research and came up with an intervention strategy aimed at behavior change.

In addition, there is a study that has been carried out on the behavior of pupils raging between the ages of 9 – 13 years. The research named Healthy choices targeted to explicate the relationship between the perception among the teenagers and development stages they undergo. In line with the study, Healthy choices, it becomes pronounced that as these developments occur among adolescent children a number of psychological developments occur and general change in the way of thinking (Wengerd,  Troyer & Wengerd, 2009).  In line with the study it is made evident that as they grow and their body parts develop they tend to shy and isolate themselves (Gooding & Unitarian Universalist Association, 1989).


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