Homework Writing Help on Mental Health Counselor Competencies

Mental Health Counselor Competencies

Licensure for professional clinical mental health officer (LPCC) requires that an individual be under the supervision of a licensed provisional art therapist (LPAT), marriage and family therapist (LISW), professional mental health counselor (LPC), and licensed psychologist for a period of time. He or she will work under these supervisors until an official LPCC, LPAT or LMFT license is acquired where he or she can act independently. Some of the document required include completion of NMAC, official transcript of doctoral or masters degree, $ 75.00 fee, and pass exams, such as NCC and national counselor’s exam (NCE).

About Therapy

Therapeutic techniques are learned in class and reinforced by practical experience outside the classroom studies. Applying therapeutic skills presents a challenge to students who fall short of adequate experience to deal with a situation that demands for professional services. This is the reason as to why licensure of a provisional art therapist needs intensive supervision. Health practitioners are required to continually conduct their duties in order to gain inherent skills and experience. The act of moving out of this field renders the writer incompetence in dealing with a mental or health case as a trained practitioner. A person cannot decide to chip in the field and provide services to therapeutic patients. This is because of the fact that health care needs a lot of training and supervision. Personal issues should be alienated from professional business operations.

This article does not present the actual situation and procedure followed in training medical practitioners. This is because of the fact that an individual cannot just chip in and start administering services after ten years of passive performance. This does not only put the patient’s life at risk but also violates the laws governing the conduct of medical practitioner and the level of competence required. This insinuates that the level of professional ethics is at stake with such kind of deliberations.