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Media Effects Studies

Robert Park was a newspapers reporter in several states such as New York, Detroit and Chicago. In his work, he interacted with journalism, which influenced his. He initially believed that being a sociologist meant being a superreporter in writing about fortunes, which record what goes on rather what seems to be going on the surface. His opinion later changes when he interacted with the social media. Through his research, he purchased a laboratory to study how people behave and interact influenced by the social media. From the research, he coined the phrase’ Human Ecology’ as a factor of media interaction.  When people interact with the media, they gain something, which determines their human ecology.

 Paul Cressey conducted a research about an argument that when children as well as other young people watch films, they are disturbed emotionally. The psychological disturbance varies with both the maturity and the children’s age. However, through his research, he clarified that people get confused about the argument because they inadequately conceptualize the problem. He advised that people should not recognize the potential of education of a film shown in practical settings as well as in other social situations. Park believed that status, goals and concepts of individuals contribute greatly to the formation of a society, which could be better understood in social terms that are scientifically drawn from normative society analysis. Paul Cressey believed that a cinema or a film is a communication instrument and thus any responses from those who watch it must be an interplay of time and their mood while watching. While Park draws his basis for the society analysis on objective methodologies, Cressey uses normative methodologies.

Modernism was a style characterized by the modification of traditional beliefs into modern ideas and was characteristic of the 19th and 20th centuries. Post-modernism is a style associated with late 20th century, which pays attention to architecture and arts that are a representation of deserting modernism.