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International expansion is currently a matter of high importance even for SMEs around the globe. The emergence of multinational firms is the most distinct feature of globalization in the developing states. Majority of the emerging multinational companies are Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME). Economic liberalization as well as the simultaneous global competition wields common pressures on these companies. They necessitate maintenance of continuous and competitive benefit owing to the complications of global trade. Internationalization is a chief aspect of the development of a company. Market liberalization and digitization promotes large companies and the Small and Medium Enterprises to operate across borders as well as compete with their foreign counterparts. Within the precedent years, popular terms used in the economic sphere are “globalization”, “internationalization” and “liberalization” (Johansson & Yip 2004).

Elecdyne, an Electronics oriented enterprise has over the years made milestones in establishing a reliable universal market for its products. In the last two years however, Elecdyne’s growth and globalization efforts have been marred by numerous challenges. These emanate from the current economic trends, competition and globalization of the industry among other factors. Due to these challenges, Elecdyne has been striving to establish internationalization of their business strategy. In essence, the purpose of this paper is to explore the trends that will affect Elecdyne and the global electronic market in the next five years and to establish models that would enhance the success of Elecdyne’s business in the internationalized market. To widen the scope of understanding over Elecdyne’s internationalized market, this paper uses the STEEP analysis to establish the Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological and Political factors affecting the globalized market (Abegglen 1995).

The rapid advancement in technology together with the prevailing globalization of the electronics market is one of the major contributing factors to the effects observed in the electronics market within the global market. Socially, technological advancement is acceptable among the universal society (Hobday 1999). Through globalization, Elecdyne would gain significant publicity across the entire globe promoting wider market. This would improve the sales and adequacy of its products.

Use of electronic gadgets, such as handsets is increasingly becoming quite popular amongst the young population across the globe. The increased access to the new generation social media like smart phones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others has established a substantial marketing platform. Technology has cut costs of soliciting, marketing and supply of goods and services. Improved economic situations and the governments’ acceptance and promotion of technology through provision of incentives enhance the consumption of the rapidly advancing trend. Technological inputs are low on pollution hence environmental regulations would not have effects on the advancement of the market through this fast growing online platform. These together with the stable political situations in most countries provides favorable business environment within the globalized market (Hobday 1999).

For Elecdyne, there are different factors to consider for creation of its internationalization strategy. These factors would help establish realistic goals and structures towards the implementation of the internationalization initiative. The most critical factors that the Elecdyne should collect information about include;

Competition within business environment and its effects on internationalization; Due to high number of electronics brands in the market, many consumers only take close consideration of the prices of the commodities but not the producers. With the right information, Elecdyne would need to differentiate its products, made from the latest technology and better forms than those of the other producers to gain competitive advantage and easily penetrate the international market. This would also help in establishing the most appropriate resources and strategies to employ in the marketing of Elecdyne’s products, differentiated from those of its competitors (Peter & Luke 1999).

Support from governments and infrastructural development; establishing information about government support and acceptance of her products, would provide Elecdyne ease of decision making over establishing the electronics company in various other States where the business environment proves conducive. In addition, consideration of the available infrastructure such as roads, airlines, banking facilities among other infrastructural factors would help establish which of the states is most viable for the business. Availability of good infrastructure enhances transportation among other business activities that are quite vital for the growth of business.

The global business environment for internationalization; with the rapid growth of technology, internet consumption has improved to provide faster and more secure service. This has largely contributed into the development of a virtual universal community thus a virtual market. This has enlarged the global market creating more information flow across the international business environment. By conducting deeper studies on the international environment, Elecdyne would establish the suitability of widening the business. Internationalization is largely dependent on the behaviors in the international market.

Global financial crisis is another major point of consideration for study; the universe all round is facing new dimensions of economic challenge posed by the problem of inflicted global economic recession. Like every other industry, the electronics industry faces numerous challenges with exports among other activities. Economic recession brought about significant decline on the overseas orders of products as well as sales. Information on the global crisis would help Elecdyne establish potential markets in the international front as well as the trending issues, regulations and developments in the current situation for the said establishment.

Using a SWOT Analysis for the internationalization strategy for Elecdyne, comparison of three countries, India, United Kingdom and China can be conducted to ascertain the potentials of Elecdyne successfully developing in the international market (Mcarthur & Sachs 2001).


India has a large population with numerous industrial projects creating significant source of income for a good number of individuals thus a potential market for the sales of the electronic products.Elecdyne has operated in the electronics industry for close to 25 years giving it relevant experience and capacity to influence the market trends in Japan as well as exploration of other international markets as India.Together with the experience, it comprises equipment and infrastructure that would enhance better production of its original brands.Elecdyne currently is concentrated in Japan and not exploring other external markets hence minimal profit levelsInsufficient resources to explore other developments and marketsStunted growth in a notable amount of time in the past duration of about five years.Financial constraint resulting into lack of advancement of products and marketing.Production of outdated kind of products such as the VCRsLess motivation of staffLack of international operations thus low publicity and market control.  
Elecdyne has very high chances of advance in the technological productions considering the high level of technological development in India and across the world.New markets for exploration in the international market that would widen Elecdyne’s scope of operations thus develop further.Emergence of the online platform would enhance the marketing capacity and sales thus contribute towards the general growth of the company.Novel organizational structures would create better management strategies and viable approaches hence enlarge the company capabilities. India is highly developed and possesses good international language for investment within the Indian Community (Mcarthur & Sachs 2001).With an increase in licensing costs, completion from overseas that is the U.S.A., Germany, Malaysia, Elecdyne faces threats from insistent competitors and this may lead consumers to be deficient in their products and services.   

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom comprises part of the globe’s largest technological advanced industries producing iron, steel, chemicals, automobiles and electronics. This would give Elecdyne numerous potentials for the advancement of its products using the new technological criteria (Hobday 1999).There is tremendous development in the Research and development institutions in the United Kingdom, mainly in Germany, which is home to most of the Original Equipment Manufacturing industry. Through this, Elecdyne would conduct studies to ascertain the best approaches on developing modern technology original productsInadequate resources preventing penetration of a larger market.Financial constraint would make it difficult to pay the increases wagesInsufficient exposure to advanced and complex business culture such as that of the United Kingdom  
Government incentives offered to companies with cutting edge technologyEase of access to other European countries would enhance the scope of the marketSocialists and the labor Unions in the United Kingdom pose a major challenge on the penetration of the market.Intensive competition in the new emerging markets (Hobday 1999). Policies regarding environmental matters issuing regulations over certain developments. High standards in the United Kingdom that would contribute to spending more time adjusting to the standards (Mcarthur & Sachs 2001).


China has a large population of about 1.4 billion people which provides substantial market potential for the electronicsChina is rich in resources and technologically advanced industries; china has high level of developments in own technologyThere is cognizable government support and control on the wider Chinese market.Low taxes on imports and exports High level labor force drawn from the high population (Chang 1995). Relatively lower price of technological services.Domination of light and medium technological industries due to the large Chinese and labor pool (Chang 1995)Increased corruption in ChinaThe government controls on businesses and organizations creating regulationsInsufficient resources
High level of technological expertise in the Chinese labor marketHighly developed infrastructure in the Chinese republic Provision of contractual venturesThere is great potential of the bureaucracy, customer control and ease of distributionUnsupportive regulations and policies for the non-Chinese corporations.Effective legal formations that are not easily understood by the foreign corporations. Intellectual property privileges that are not protected could mean that dealers can easily lay false claim to the property.Economic recession affecting the universal population and the entire business environment (Mcarthur & Sachs 2001).

In consideration of this analysis, the most appropriate country for Elecdyne’s internationalization strategy would be the United Kingdom. It possesses the latest technological developments as well as the largest Research and Development institutions providing increased ability of the company to establish better ideas and innovative approaches to produce much improved products. As compared to Japan, Elecdyne has a good deal of influence and capabilities in the other analyzed states hence capable of successfully budding in the other nations (Johansson & Yip 2004).

This analysis enhances understanding of the internal and external factors affecting the internationalization of the Elecdyne Corporation. Among the viewed technological effects comprise the most pronounced effects of the internationalization strategy. Other vital factors that need consideration in this respect include the market security in both local and international markets, risk factors associated with the internationalization of the company, cultural disparities and its effects on the company’s internationalization and the potential of local growth in comparison with the international market structure.

      The internal analyses of the company takes into account the strengths and weaknesses that provide competitive advantage or disadvantages to the organization in regard to the company’s prospective market. Elecdyne’s strengths are majorly market oriented and customer focused since they are geared towards meeting the needs of the customers. On the other hand, Elecdyne’s weaknesses constitute factors that limit the company from strategic implementation of its intended programs (Johansson & Yip 2004). Some of these strengths and weaknesses include:

Understanding of the electronics market in depth due to long time operation within the same line of  operationLong term service in the same industry provides the company much influence and competence in the market hence capable of dominating the larger market through its original productions (Peter & Luke 1999).Relatively lower prices resulting into undercutting of the rivals on prices. Specialization in the Elecdyne’s workforce a result of maintaining their production and staff over a long period of time. Reputable perception by the larger Japanese market Established cost-controls to ascertain the affordability of their productsDifferentiated products provide the company with the ability to control a significant amount of the larger market due to provision of unique productsProduction of outdated products creating a shortfall in the advanced technological marketInadequate exposure to the technological developments resulting into dissatisfaction of the consumersWeak customer services causing lower appreciation and minimal maintenance of the customersDepreciating market share causing lower market control and competitive advantageInadequate administrative capabilities increases business risks and reduces on profits for the company (Peter & Luke 1999).  

External weightings are issues within the external business environment that promote or limit the performance of the company. These include the threats and opportunities that contribute to the business performance. These external weightings are independent of the organization but greatly influence the business performance of the company. For Elecdyne’s internationalization, there are quite a number of opportunities and threats exhibited from the situation in the globalized market (Peter & Luke 1999).

Entry into the new market providing new experience and new customers which would largely promote the business sales and profit marginsDevelopments in the new technology provide the opportunity for Elecdyne to explore the latest technological upgrades thus promote new ideas of production.Emergence of the online market would promote expansion to capture a wider population and enhance market control and profitability.Reducing costs on labor in the globalized market would promote the much reduced production costs and high yields.Less stringent regulatory policies may improve the performance of the company and provide competitive advantage with regard to the type and quality of products the company deals in.Specialized labor as well as the improved skilled labor in the global market would enhance high level and standardized productions.Stiffened competition n the global market with rise in more producers in the same line of operationHeightened risk factors within the internationalized market creating much threat and uncertainty of the strategyCultural disparities in the new market would promote negative perception of the products thus limit market control.Insufficient financial resources to employ innovative approaches in the global market creating major barriers to the implementation of the internationalization of the marketFluctuations in the currencies would pose threats on the costs and pricing of the products, which would cause instability of the pricings hence lead to losses.  

With the analytical information on the Elecdyne’s requires consideration on the most appropriate strategies to penetrate the United Kingdom market. Some of the possible most appropriate strategies for consideration are the strategies mergers, joint ventures or just single business entity. These in turn require a more advanced analysis of the market situation in the elected country for internationalization, in this respect being the United Kingdom. To establish he most appropriate approach for this market, a PEST analysis of the market is conducted to determine the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors that influence this market.

Political FactorsEconomic Factors
Changes in the political compositions of the said market usually have significant effects on companies. Different political administrations have varied priorities and may influence the levels of government and public expenditure thus open up or close the market. The political environment in the United Kingdom is relatively calm and quite favorable for business operations. There are not much stringent government regulations that would hinder either of the prospective approaches as joint ventures (Hobday 1999).Economically, the United Kingdom has a stable economy with numerous Research and Development institutions as well as the most advanced technologies creating more room for development of many other industries. However, with the first class facilities, the market requires stable capital base, which Elecdyne insufficiently possesses hence it would be prudent to penetrate the market as a joint venture with a much more stable corporation.  
Social FactorsTechnological Factors
United Kingdom has little or no social rejections to many industries thus the business would not experience any forms of social rejections. There is well established international language for investment thus no barriers for any form of investments.The United Kingdom is one of the leading technologically advanced markets with large technological Corporations, extensive Research and Development facilities, which enhances growth of businesses thus mostly viable for Elecdyne (Hobday 1999).

            Elecdyne has great potential to advance and internationalize its products. Through embracing modern technology and market studies, the company can determine the most appropriate and effective models to internationalize in an identified country.


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