Homework Writing Help on Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare

Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare

I learned about retail clinics which destruct the normal business model and operation in the sense that healthcare is provided outside the offices. Technology has also redefined business operations because of maintenance of electronic medical record (EMR) by health workers. This does not only improve patient’s healthcare but also reduce the cost of maintaining health care. In addition, healthcare is accessible regardless patient’s location or the time of the day because prescription is done through online platforms where customer and the doctor interact.

Patient Centered Medical Home model (PCMH)

Throughout the semester, I understood the problems faced when implementing this model. One of the problems faced is resistance from health practitioners. They are reluctant to change because of the fact that the new model demands for extra commitment from them. The role of management is to lobby support for the model implementation. This is the biggest task that the management must conduct to effectively implement changes in the organization.

 Key Elements of Quality Improvement that Senior Leader must Comprehend

Management skills determine the overall success of the organization. This means that they need to observe procurement issues, work relation and development of workable culture. My understanding about employee’s motivation becomes intensive after going through the semester. Senior leaders need also to be involved in the day to day operations of the organization business. This facilitates identification of issues that may inhibit smooth business operation by the stakeholders in the organization. In case of any problem, the top management is in a position to avert negative result within a short period of time. At the end of my course, I had accumulated a lot of knowledge in the field of health care.