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Discussion Assignment

The Lacity domain URL .Org refers to an organizational website, most commonly used by nongovernmental organizations. This URL implies that the website lacity.org is owned by a non-Governmental organizations geared towards a given goal. As an American based site lacity.org is an informative website providing extensive information and directions concerning Los Angeles, widely referred to as LA, creating the LA-City.Org website. To access the site, key words such as la, lacity-parking.org and ladwp would be very important to provide guidance into the required segments of the website.

Lacity pages have numerous information, lifestyle, shopping, outing and residential among other general information links. It contains Jobseekers links for the residents of Los Angeles where important information such a volunteer services in Zoos among other nongovernmental facilities are listed. On the site, there are also government based pages with information about the Los Angeles council operations, most requested information for persons visiting Los Angeles, business links, directories as well as departments and bureaus providing directional and detailed information about the entire location and the activities therein. It comprises several search engines including regional location where parks, lakes and several social facilities can be located, social media links and well designated contacts link and a feedback segment. Apart from the contacts, they site also provides for email updates and newsletter subscriptions on the lower end of the web page. All these links are operational and provide comprehensive information about the city. All information contained in the website is well organized and do not lead to weak or fringe pages. The links are well highlighted with titles, which make it easy and fast to maneuver the required information. Each link has other sub links narrowing down searches to the most appropriate if not the exact information.

The website apparently contains quality information since it captures various aspects of life including environmental issues, technology, economics, residential, government, employment and directions. An obvious fact is that the kinds of information provided by the site have very low possibility of coming fake references. Articles within the site contain names of authors, phone contacts and addresses, which makes it, appear much more reliable revealing information about the information provider. This builds more trust in the site and its contents.

As reiterated by Alexa, lacity.org is ranked 32,162 in the global platform and 7,405 in the United States. It registers quite a good number of hits comprising 12% (3hrs, 5 mins) of page view per visitor per day and an overall average time of 29% (2hrs, 34 mins) per visitor per day. There are more females than males visiting the site to browse more locations. Majority of the visitors, mainly from around the United States comprising about 91.5% of visitors, are positive about the website revealing having accessed numerous information from the site. Other people’s opinion about the site is very positive and portrays the site’s potential of growth.

In my view, lacity.org is an informative and very resourceful website picking after Google at a high rate. It has earned numerous respects from the general public viewers. For individuals living, traveling around or visiting the Los Angeles for the first time, lacity.org is the only alternative they would have to get information and directions regarding business and administration in the city. Surveys have shown that the site receives excessive views on daily basis and is gradually growing to overtake the many other competitors.