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Discussion 11 4100

            Most couples value children because they are important for the sustenance of marriage especially for newlyweds. Some of the reasons why children are important include spreading joy, taking new challenges and creating a family among others. Some people would go to a great length to have children using various assisted reproductive technologies such as the gestational carriers. For example, couple who have longed for children and are unable to bear them naturally would resort to assisted reproductive technologies. Gestational carriers involve embryo implantation, in individuals who are not biologically related to either of the partners. These technologies are third party assisted reproductive technologies.  I would not be comfortable using such a technology in having children because it amount to raising children for the donors. I do not think I can advocate for the use of such technologies because children from such technologies are not biological.            

 I know of a couple who are considering using the gestational reproductive children to have children. The couple is considering using this method because the woman is capable of producing healthy eggs but she is incapable of carrying the pregnancy to term. The man and woman both admit they really need children because they believe children are a great joy and are capable of becoming great people in the society. Additionally, they admire their neighbor’s children especially when their parents play or even go shopping with them. The couple has sort the necessary advice from reproductive health experts are comfortable using this reproductive technology.  I cannot be comfortable having children by using third party assisted reproductive technologies like gestational carriers and sperm donations. This is mainly because such children have no biological relationship with the parents.