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When writing my essay I used the descriptive invention to describe the community Chinese restaurant, in the first paragraph, I start by describing the components of a good hotel, and later link this with the community Chinese restaurant. From the time I started my essay, my drafts changed from a general approach to a more specific one. When I was starting the essay, I generally thought about what happens in a restaurant, but I did not give much attention to the Chinese restaurant, but as I prepared to write the final draft, I had to research and give specific details concerning the Chinese restaurant.

 Finding my topic was not hard since I had always wanted to write a story concerning the Chinese restaurant, the fact that our community Chinese restaurant stood out made it easy for me to choose. My topic did not change at all and all I did was find more focus to write about it, there were so many things to write concerning the Chinese restaurant and this fact became my background.

To bring the readers into my essay, I used description, I painted a picture so that the reader could visualize about the restaurant, and for example, in the essay I describe the food served at the restaurant in a way that helps the reader to visualize about it. The readings and the reader responses gave me much information concerning the elements of a good descriptive essay; they served as my writing backbone. I also visited the writing center to know more about this topic, the learning center is always rich with information.

I was not frustrated at all concerning this assignment, in fact, it taught me so much and I am proud that I did it. The fact that there was so much information concerning the restaurant helped me avoid the writer’s block; I did not feel a slowdown in writing this essay. I know that I picked a great topic, given another chance; I will still choose this topic again.

To ensure that my essay was flawless, I spent time editing and proofreading my essay. I was surprised by the many grammatical errors present after one write the final draft. I also considered my audience by trying to figure their expectations, for example, by describing the food that is served in the restaurant I figured someone would be interested in going to the restaurant after reading that. I chose each word in the essay with a purpose; to convey my interest with the community Chinese restaurant. I like my finished product and will use the same approach I used here for my next process, only make it better.