Homework Writing Help on Campaign: Special Olympics 2015 World Games

Campaign: Special Olympics 2015 World Games

“To reach the audience the following advertising channels will be used to place the display ads. We will place the advertisements in the Google Adwords. This channel will be effective in covering a wide geographical area since most of the people use Google to search for information they require. Google Adwords are cheap and are accessible by many people thus would be an effective means to carry out the campaign through. By carrying out the campaign through the means, the target audiences will get a chance to access any information about the Special Olympics. Such information such as the venue, time, participants, updates and news concerning the Olympic Games will be available in the Google Adwords. The means will complement the SOI website, which will also contain all the relevant information concerning the Olympics. Through the advanced technology today, many people have preferred to search for information from online sources. It is because online sources have trusted information and present information on a timely basis unlike other sources such as televisions and newspapers, which will sometimes give information concerning issues that have already passed long ago.

We will also place our ads in blogger partnerships. Blogger partnerships that have been well established and are relevant will be a great means to reach our audiences. In addition to reaching the audiences, other new audiences will also be reached. Our banner ads will be placed along the website of the blogger since loyal readers find trust in the products featured. Due to this advantage, they will be able to view our banner and thus the message about the Olympics game shall have reached the intended audience. We will also use radio ads to target our audiences. Radios advertise products and services many times in a day depending on the choice of the company or organization placing the ads. Usually, with the repeated ads being talked about, we will be able to catch the attention of the listeners, whether interested in the Olympic Games or not. Listeners will pass the information and in the process, those who were not aware of the campaign will get the information. Podcast sponsorships will be another method to place out Olympic Games ads. Podcast listeners will listen to their shows. However, the shows are pre- recorded and thus could be accessible to the listeners in form of downloaded episodes. We shall pre-record our ads with relevant information, which the audiences can download. This shall be accompanied with opening a coupon code related to the podcast to track results as well as enticing the listeners.

Another means we will use is the Face Book platform, which connects people across the globe. This means will be appropriate to reach those participating and updating them about activates, which will take place. Through the updates given, they will be able to prepare well for the games. The SOI website will post any updates during the games period. It will help in keeping the people not participating in the games to be informed. Based on the results metrics, the website will help in achieving the goals of the campaigns undertaken. For any view that marketers get on any videos or blogs, there are costs associated with them. The cost per view metrics will be essential in building the website awareness through the costs paid. Through the sites visits metrics, marketers will be able to use the destination URL to track the users. Tracking will be possible when the users click from an advert to a site. Based on the conversion metrics, through use of Adwords Conversion means of tracking, those undertaking the advertising will be able to see the number of users who have been converted after their interaction with the videos and banners.”