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Assistant Director of Maintenance


The Assistant Director of Maintenance is required to report to the Director of Maintenance (DOM). First, the assistant DOM shall provide guidance and oversight for both planned and unplanned maintenance activities that entail scheduling, executing, using available resources and billing effectiveness. Moreover, the Assistant Director of maintenance shall provide oversight to the entire maintenance department employees directing them in accordance to the procedures stipulated in the Part 135 Company Manuals. Among other manuals, the Maintenance Manual shall be availed to the Assistant DOM who will adhere to the regulations as well as guide the junior members towards creating a conducive environment through group work. The Assistant DOM is expected to lead the maintenance department in integrating with the rest of the company by creating a trustworthy crew reputed for high integrity (Locke, 2011).

Other duties include:

Interdepartmental support

The Assistant Director of Maintenance will be responsible for influencing fellow members of the maintenance department to integrate and collaborate with other departments. The collaboration between the departments is crucial for attaining the company vision. The ADOM shall be responsible for rallying their team to create understanding between departments and a good working relationship (Locke, 2011).

Technology utilization assessments

The Assistant Director of Maintenance shall monitor work orders to determine and verify the authenticity of the revenue allocated to the orders. This duty involves cross checking the feedback information shared among supervisors and technicians especially concerning the hours the employees have input daily in comparison to the billing records.

Performance check

The ADOM shall assess the performance of the entire maintenance department and give a report that provides details of the trends. Considering the performance trends, the ADOM shall proceed to suggest solutions and adjustments to improve the performance whenever necessary.

Process reinforcement (Locke, 2011).

The ADOM shall learn all the Business Jet Access process stipulated in the Company manuals in order to be effective and act in accordance to the manual system and Company vision. The ADOM shall also lead the standardization process of the work orders to be consistent in structure of the supply chain. The ADOM shall, therefore ensure the consistent flow of information.

Salary: US $ 32,000

US Airways (Corporate airline)

Aircraft Maintenance manager


The position involves a senior supervisory and administrative role where the person, in which the maintenance facility dedicated towards safe flights. In the maintenance department, the person will create schedules and budgets of the facility to ensure its efficient and effective operation (Locsin and Media, 2010).

The person will also be in charge of the engineering maintenance staff that includes; the licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, the aircraft maintenance engineers and the aviation maintenance workers in all their tasks as well as coordinate with contractors, partners, suppliers and customers.

The Aircraft Maintenance manager shall contribute to the research and development projects of the company.

Other roles include;

Formulating, planning, and executing strategies and policies that concern all engineering issues to ensure the standardization and quality of engineering performance in ensuring safety of the aircrafts.

To ensure efficiency of engineering by providing oversight on engineering requirements and specifications and to interpret the plans and specifications that will ensure that they meet the cost and timeliness in accordance to the budgets.

To provide advice the management on the relevant and appropriate engineering methods and techniques that will enable the firm to achieve the realization of production and construction requirements.

To ensure integration between the plan and the law that will ensure that specifications are in accordance to the regulations and the safety standards provided in the company manuals.

Salary US $  46,286

Manager, Line Maintenance Planning


To observe strictly all arising issues that concern maintenance which, include repairs and correction, service checks, inspecting and changing engines, airworthiness bulletins, campaign directives and other deferred maintenance issues (Samantha, 2015).

Organize daily tasks concerning the planning of work-loads and tele-conferences, scheduling applicable checks maintenance control and routing.

He/ shall analyze and schedule aircraft considering special cases and requests from clients.

One will manage the resources and equipment to ensure high performance in operations and minimal mechanical errors. The operations include flight delays and rescheduling, weather and other unique circumstances (Samantha, 2015).

One shall oversee the completion of any special projects outside the normal schedules as directed by the Manager, Line Maintenance Planning.

To coordinate other departments such as the operational crew ensuring the integrating of interdepartmental work groups leading to effective maintenance and scheduling issues.

He/ she shall plan adequate yet minimal ground time through high maintenance performance.

To ensure a reliable and efficient scheduling system that will minimize aircraft downtime through addressing the issue of aircraft routing.

To organize work packages in regards to routing regulations and the company regulations stipulated in the manuals (Dwayne, 2014).

To conduct oneself with integrity and professionalism in order to achieve the mission of the company. The Manager should embrace the vision of the Alaska airline and work towards building and improving the company’s state.

To conduct flight training, maintenance control, scheduling crew plans, customer services and charter planning as well as plan all maintenance requirements that will enable the allocation of resources adequately.


US $ 44,000


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